The Neijiang pig-The Origin of Neijiang pig


The Neijiang pig is a breed that has its origin in southwestern China. Although in that region of China the climate is very low, reaching temperatures close to 0 degrees.

However, the area where this race develops is an area that is very fruitful. Also in that area, there are about 12 companies where the pig is sacrificed.

In one year they can produce 4 and a half million pigs. The production of pigs is one of the activities carried out most in that area, and the one that produces the most income for the region.

neijiang pig

In addition, this breed was created from native species of the place, and through natural selection, it was improved and developed. The origin of this race is estimated to be for the 1800s.

The name of this race was placed by its place of origin which is the city of Neijiang, although it can also be obtained in nearby places. Such as Hon Kong, Macao, and even Taiwan. You may also read Finnish Landrace Pig


The Neijiang pig is a large breed. The skin of this breed is excessive, reaching to hang several centimeters.

Even when the females of this breed become pregnant, the tits come to touch the ground. Because it has a lot of skin, it becomes wrinkled. The skin of this breed is thick, reaching almost 1 centimeter thick.

And the adipose fat of this breed is between 4 and 6 centimeters. The coat of this breed is short, and without shine, it is very close to the body, and it can be beige, as well as black.

It is also a breed that develops at an early age, males for example, and at 2 months of age are available to pregnant the female.

While the females take a little more time to develop, at 3 months of age you can get pregnant. This breed is very fertile, reaching to produce very large litters, usually, the litters are of 11 young.

And the female of this breed is adapt for those large litters since they have 7 pairs of nipples. The lungs of this breed are small, compared to the full size of it.

  1. The back of the females has a curvature which is not as pronounced, while the males have a hump, and make the curvature more pronounced.

Also, the body of this race is quite thick and strong, the legs of this breed are thick enough.

While the head is large and is tilted down. The ears of this race are leaf shape, medium size and direct downwards. The tail of this breed is short and is tilted down. You may also like to  read Dutch Landrace pig


The Neijiang pig is a breed uses mainly for meat production. Being one of the main sources of income, and the object that drives the economy of that region in China.

In addition, due to its resistance, to the fact that it produces large quantities of meat, and because it is a very fertile breed, this breeds also uses it for crosses.


The Neijiang pig is a breed that is the favorite of farmers, and this is because it has no food restrictions.

Also in the area where this species lives is very fruitful, so that farmers are benefited and feed their pigs with vegetables, and the food they get in the area.

That is why the diet of this breed includes rice, green vegetables, cereals, grasses, among others.

In the same way, it can also be fed with grasses, mountains, and roots. There are times that farmers leave this breed outdoors, and that they feed on the environment that surrounds them.

Likewise, the diet of this breed must be accompanied by large amounts of water.

Special Characteristics:

The Neijiang pig is a highly resistant breed. Also, this breed is adapt perfectly to live in difficult climates, that is why he can live quietly in areas with a temperate climate.

There are also reports that this breed is resistant to mosquito bites.

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