Large Black Pig: Different Breeds of Swine

The large black pig emerged through the crossing of 2 species of black pigs from very far away places. One of the places was Devon and Cornwall, while the other place was in Essex, east of England. The pigs of that time that was to the east of England have a Chinese origin. On the other hand, the pigs that came from the south of England came of European descent.

The contribution that the Devon race gave to the Large black pig race is the greatness of its body, the appearance of the ears, nose, and hair was also added by this breed. And by 1850 the type was small and thick bones, with good conformation and constitution. Alternative origins propose by the black color of the breed are black guinea pigs import from Africa. It is a pig originally from England. And his coat is completely black.

Large Black Pig

Characteristics of Large Black Pig

The Great Black is a long and deep hog with a body, well known for its resistance and aptitude for extensive farming. Large black pig falls into the category of large breeds, although compared to the Yorkshires they are a little smaller. The name of this species is due to its size and color of this species. The body of a Large black pig is large, and its extremities are strong.

In addition, this species has large ears which cover its face. Maybe this is the reason why this breed does not move as fast as other species. Puberty is late in both females and males. The race is also known for its long periods of fertility and strong maternal instincts. The sows give birth to a large litter of 8-10 piglets. But some females have been knowing to have litters of up to 13 piglets.

And although this breed has good fertility, and females are considered good mothers, this breed does not mature as fast compared to other breeds. It should also be noted that the female Large black pig appears in the Guinness Book of Records for having produced 26 litters between 1940 and 1952. The largest number of litters registered for a pig.

The channel yield is 82%. It is the only pig breed in Britain to be all black, and this helps protect the pig from sunburn in sunny climates. By temperament, the Large Black is a very docile race that is easily contained by fencing. You may also like to read Duroc Pig.


At its peak in popularity, a Large black pig is mainly used for the production of meat, especially bacon. The meat of the Large black pig is known for its lean quality and flavor without an excess of back fat. In addition, this species produces an excellent ham. But for commercial production it often intersects with the Yorkshire and White Medians, producing a vigorous hybrid that was well-liked by farmers. However, nowadays commercial processors do not favor the black skin of pure Black big breed. You may also like to read Hampshire Pig.


Large blacks are best suited for pasture-based agriculture due to their strong search for food and grazing capacity, which efficiently converts poor quality feed into meat. You may also like to read Mangalitsa Pig.

Special Feature

Large black pig is listed as Critically Endangered by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. There are a small number of herds in the US that I import this race in 1985. Large black pigs are also found in South Africa and Australia. There is no association of race in North America. The race has become greater in recent years; In the first years of the 20th century, the average weights were 230 kg for sows and larger for boars.

The Large Black Pig is the rarest breed of historic pig in Britain, although the numbers are slowly increasing due to an increase in the demand for pork from traditional breeds. In 2011 it was classified as “vulnerable” on the list of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, which means that it is not believed that there are between 200 and 300 breeding females.

Rare breeds Canada identified the only remaining Canadian flock in 1997. And since then it has included the breed on its conservation list as “endangered”, with less than 500 of the animals in that country. They are an extremely passive and resistant race, ideal for a wide range of climates. What has resulted in the breed being export to more than 30 countries?


If you are looking for a British pig that is unique and one of a kind, the Large Black Pig maybe your best option. The history behind this breed is quite interesting as well. They were created in the last years of the nineteenth century by merging black pigs populations from Devon and Cornwall in the south-west with those of Essex, Suffolk and Kent in the south-east. This article has been designed to provide insight into these fascinating animals, so if you’re interested or have any questions about them at all please feel free to contact us!

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