about us

FARMINGPLAN is an online horticultural education platform. We provide you with the latest farming method and plan of farming. FARMINGPLAN is tied in with utilizing the current strategy in cultivating and horticulture around the world. We start this site with various experienced volunteers. We acknowledge volunteers all through the world who need to contribute and share their farming knowledge.

FARMINGPLAN is a site dedicated to the idea of sustainability and creating a more sustainable world. We want to help make it easy for people, especially those in rural areas, to have access to information that will help them grow their own food. Our goal is not only about providing farmers with knowledge but also empowering communities through education and action.

FARMING PLAN is an online cultivating help site for rural areas. The company’s strategy to farming transformation has emerged from a couple of years of exploration and research in the fields, with a specific end goal to make new cultivating techniques accessible to more individuals than customary ones. FARMING PLAN additionally trusts that sufficient information is an absolute necessity for rural or cultivating transformation.

FARMING PLAN is a company that helps farmers increase their yield and profits by providing them with the most modern cultivating strategies and technology. The company was founded in 2017 but has already helped farmers across India who traditionally use conventional cultivation methods improve their yield and profits by 10x.

FARMING PLAN is a tech-driven, data-centric organization that empowers farmers to grow food in the most productive and sustainable manner. We use cutting-edge innovation and insights from world-class experts to offer our customers the best possible farming experience. Our mission is to provide an efficient, reliable, collaborative platform for all stakeholders involved in agricultural production – from farmer to consumer.

FARMING PLAN is a startup that aims to bring traditional cultivation back and make it more sustainable by using modern techniques. Modern cultivating can be a great source of income as well. The jobless individuals can start an agribusiness which will also contribute to building a strong economy and a hunger-free world.

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