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Layer Poultry Equipment, cage systems and cage equipment

Layer Poultry Equipment: Layer poultry equipment is very important for layer poultry farming. The purpose of this type of breeding is precise to commercialize the...
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Classifications Of Poultry – Overview of chicken taxonomy

Classifications Of Poultry: There are too many classifications of poultry. Chickens came across Europe by the great migrations of the Indo-European peoples around four thousand...



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Raising Sheep – Cost of Production

Raising sheep: The Raising sheep have undoubted advantages in relation to other domestic species in important productive aspects. They are animals of easy handling, of docile...
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Texel Sheep – Characteristics Details

The Texel sheep breed originated on the island of Texel, the largest of the Frisian Islands on the north coast of Holland, at the...


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Dairy Farming – Adoption of dairy farming technologies

Dairy Farming: Females engaged in milk production need a balanced feeding program by dairy farming. A diet that includes sources of forage, balanced foods, and...
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Boran cattle – The world’s hardiest breed

History: Boran Cattle domesticated several countries, among them are found, Pakistan near 4000BC, in eastern Europe 6000 BC...
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Deoni Cattle – Lifespan Details of Deoni Cattle

History: The Deoni cattle is originally from India, the name of this breed comes from its place of origin. Although the meaning of its name is...
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Rinderpest – Disease and Impact on Animals

History: Rinderpest has historically been present in Europe, Africa, and Asia. The Americas and Oceania never had rinderpest epizootics.


Pros and Cons of Goat Farming

Pros and Cons of Goat Farming | Top Advantages and Disadvantages

Goats are wonderful creatures, and they are being raised for long time in India. There are many advantages/pros of goat farming...
Honey Bee Farming

Honey Bee Farming: Beekeeping Business For Honey Production

Honey bee farming is a very profitable business, but it also has many benefits for the environment. Beekeeping helps to pollinate...
Goat Diseases

Goat Diseases: Different Goat Diseases and Symptoms

Goats are one of the most common livestock animals in the world, and they are also very hardy. They have a...
Goat Fencing

Goat Fencing: A Complete Information on Building a Goat Farm

It is a fact that goat fencing is considered as one of the most important factors to consider before starting a...
Gohilwadi goat

The Gohilwadi Goat: A multi-purpose goat breed raised for meat, milk, and fiber production

The Gohilwadi goat is a breed of Indian goats which are raised for meat, milk and also fiber production. The Gohilwadi...