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welsummer chicken

Welsummer chicken- The Origin of Welsummer chicken

Welsummer chicken is a breed that comes from Holland, from the village of Welsum, hence the origin of its name. In that country, this race...
sumatra chicken

Sumatra Chicken- A Hybrid Chicken Species

The Sumatra chicken is a very old breed originally from the islands of Sumatra and Malaysia. Despite its bearing reminiscent of the fighters, is a...


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Oberhasli Goat – Goat Breeds Oberhasli

History: Oberhasli goat is native to the region of Switzerland, known as Canton of Bern. The word "Oberhasli" translates roughly into English for "mountaineer". Oberhasli goats...


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Raising Sheep – Cost of Production

Raising sheep: The Raising sheep have undoubted advantages in relation to other domestic species in important productive aspects. They are animals of easy handling, of docile...
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Columbia Sheep – First breed in the United States

The Columbia sheep is an American breed and the first breed that was created in the United States. This breed was developed in early 1910...


burlina cattle

Burlina Cattle-A Hybrid Type of Breed

Burlina Cattle the history of this race is unknown but, historians believe it is derived from the Black and White races of northern Europe. The...
fjall cattle

Fjall Cattle-High Quality of Milk Producer

Fjall Cattle is a breed that is native to Sweden. Its ancient origin without crosses and blood mixtures. And its milk has a composition that...
fleckvieh cattle

Fleckvieh Cattle-High Fat and Protein Breed

The spotted German cattle or Fleckvieh Cattle has emerged from local geographic breeds. They have been systematically bred using imported Swiss bulls. Imports began in the...
deoni cattle

Deoni Cattle-Life Span of Deoni Cattle

The Deoni cattle are originally from India, the name of this breed comes from its place of origin. Although the meaning of its name...



Swordtails – The Most Popular Freshwater Fish

The swordtails are a very popular freshwater fish. This popularity is due to its ease of care and peaceful nature. They have quite unique types of...
pearl gourami

Pearl Gourami – An Impressive Color

The pearl gourami is a beautiful fish with impressive color and an unbeatable character. Respect the vegetation and if something can complain the amateur...
cherry Barb

Cherry Barbel Fish -Origin and Life Span of Barb

The barbel fish has a long history as a "rubbish taxon". Historically, most of the fish commonly known as barb were usually placed in...
zebra danios

Zebra Danios-The Charateristics of Zebra Danios

The Zebra Danios is common in many aquariums because there is a wide variety, it is also frequently used for scientific research. A curious fact...

Platies-Popular with Variety Colored Fish

Among the justify colored fish the Platies fish maintains very high popularity among aquarists for good reasons, one of which is its variety of...



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Snail Farming