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Ameraucana Chicken – August Breed of the Month

History: Ameraucana Chicken This is the work of the selection of some American breeders who liked some of the characteristics of the Araucana breed. But they...
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Malay Chicken – The Livestock Conservancy

History: Malay Chicken is native to India but has been perfected later in Sumatra or Java, islands of the Malay Archipelago. It is the first...


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Kiko Goat – Farming Information Guide

History: Kiko goat It is a native New Zealand, its name comes from the Maori word Kiko, which means meat. The breed was a development from...


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Cheviot Sheep – Breeds of Livestock

History: The Cheviot sheep is a native breed of Scotland, a great producer of meat and wool, very adaptable and head devoid of wool. The Cheviot...
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Southdown Sheep – History of Sheep Lifespan

History: The Southdown Sheep is a medium-hair, dark-skin, antlerless breed originally from the Sussex Hills. It is the oldest of all the British breeds of sheep,...


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Rinderpest – The Disease and Its Impact on Animals

History: Rinderpest has historically been present in Europe, Africa, and Asia. The Americas and Oceania never had rinderpest epizootics. This virus is an ancient disease whose...
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Charolais Cattle – Lifespan Details of Charolais Cattle

History: Charolais cattle originated in the midwest and southwestern regions of France. The Charolais race, in the old ones, was in the French provinces of...
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Limousin Cattle – Lifespan Details of Cattle

History: Limousin Cattle origin is in the southwest of France, in the Basque region. Its name comes from the ancient province of Limoges. This region has...
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Simmental Cattle – Lifespan Details of Cattle Breed

History: Simmental cattle is the second most popular race in the world, originally from the Simme valley in Switzerland. The Simmental breed gets its name from...



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Snail Farming