Akita Dog: Everything You Need To Know About Akitas

The Akita is a unique and beloved dog breed that originated deep in the mountains of northern Japan. With a history as old as 700 years, the Akita is still loved today for its strength, loyalty, intelligence, and double-coated beauty. If you want to know more about this special canine companion – from their personality traits to how to train and care for one – then read on! In our blog post, we will explore all aspects of owning an Akita so your pup can be happy and healthy for life. So don’t wait any longer – let’s learn about these majestic doges now!

History & Origin

Often referred to as the Akita Inu, the Akita dog is a nationally-recognized animal in Japan and has an equally long history. This breed of large size originated from the mountainous region of northern Japan, where they were traditionally used as working dogs. They have a double coat, similar to many other northern spritz breeds, comprised of a dense undercoat and a shorter outercoat that helps keep Akitas warm throughout cold winters. Besides their physical features that make up the distinction between them and other dog breeds, what makes them truly unique is their long legacy in Japanese culture as symbols of loyalty and faithfulness going back hundreds of years.


The Akita dog is considered to be a large breed, originating from Japan. It has a thick double coat which helps it to survive in cold mountain climates where it was first found. This gives the Akita an appearance of being well adapted for outdoor activities and the extreme cold that comes with high altitudes – making them far more than just a pet or companion. They are also known for their loyal, independent and protective nature, traits that stem from their strong herd instincts as they often look after smaller animals as part of their pack.


Feeding an Akita Dog requires a comprehensive understanding of the breed’s nutritional needs. This large breed requires protein-rich diets and specialized feeding routines to maintain its size and long double coat. Energetic Akita Dog need balanced diets with rich carbohydrate sources, as well as fatty acids for skin and coat health. Supplemental vitamins and minerals may be needed depending on the pet’s activity levels and other individualized needs. By carefully considering your pet’s age, size, activity, health condition, and genetics – as well as following their veterinarian’s recommendations – you can create a customized diet plan to ensure that your beloved Akita is getting all of the essential nutrition it needs.


Akita dog were originally used in Japan for various hunting tasks and were prized by Japanese royalty. This breed was also traditionally used to guard homes, pull sleds, and hunt large animals such as bears and wild boar. These impressive dogs are now popularly seen around the world as faithful family pets due to their loyal, affectionate personalities and big size. Moreover, their powerful bodies, thick coats, and high levels of endurance make them well-suited for outdoor activities such as dog sports and mushing. Thus, the versatile Akita is a great companion for all kinds of people who enjoy both an active lifestyle or more peaceful pursuits.

Special Feature

The Akita dog, originating from the mountains of northern Japan, is a breed of large size best known for its thick double coats that insulate it against cold temperatures. The Akita is a loyal and fiercely protective companion, often paying close attention to the movements of its chosen human. Along with their superior intelligence and strength, these dogs have an impressive sense of smell and hearing, making them great guard dogs. Also, Akita Dog are known to possess a special sensitivity to the feelings of their owners and family members; owners have been public about their companions’ ability to sense when something is wrong. Aside from providing comfort and protection, it’s really no wonder why so many people treasure owning an Akita!


Akita Dog are well-known for their loyalty and devotion. This Japanese dog breed is known to form very strong bonds with its family, typically making it great for the single pet household. Although the Akita can be suspicious of strangers, its temperament is generally mild compared to other large dogs. Not one to bark or howl excessively, the Akita displays a gentle and dignified behavior. The breed is also reasonably calm indoors, though they do need regular interaction and adequate outdoor exercise every day. With good training and socialization, you will have a loyal companion with impressive behavior traits that display an air of authority.

Health considerations

Akitas are known for being a large, Japanese dog breed with a short double coat that originated in the mountains of northern Japan. Although majestic and strong in stature, it is important for potential owners to understand the health considerations needed when owning this breed. Generally, Akita dogs are considered healthy and have no major medical issues. However, like any pet, they need regular trips to the vet and vaccinations to ensure they stay healthy. Additionally, they do require brushing more often than other breeds to minimize shedding and matting and should also be trained in basic obedience so as not to pull on their leash or become too destructive. With suitable care, an Akita can be an amazing companion who will provide years of affection and entertainment.

Training tips for Akita Dog

Akita are intelligent and powerful Japanese dog breeds that require careful training. Whether you’re introducing them to new environments or activities, it’s important to ensure that your Akita understands their boundaries. Being a strong-willed breed, patience and consistency are key in teaching obedience and reinforcing your position as the leader of pack. Make sure to keep training fun for your pup – offer lots of rewards (not only food) for good behavior and use positive reinforcement such as verbal praise. Finally, don’t forget to practice what you preach – Akita Dog need regular exercise, and regular mental stimulation!

Grooming Care Requirements

Akita Dog are an incredible breed of dog that come from the mountains of northern Japan. Not only are they large in size, but their coats require special attention when it comes to grooming. Akita coats have a short double coat which not only needs to be combed and brushed twice weekly, but also trimmed at least every other month. An occasional bath with a gentle shampoo is recommended, as well as regular teeth brushing, ear cleaning and nail trimming. With proper care and grooming, the Akita’s coat will remain healthy and sustain its beautiful, glossy sheen for years to come.


Are Akitas a good family dog?

Absolutely! Akitas are renowned for their loyalty, intelligence, and independent nature, making them an ideal family dog. They bond quickly with both adults and children and can be trained to obey commands and perform tricks.

Are Akitas difficult dogs?

While no dog should be considered “difficult,” Akitas definitely require a unique set of skills from their owners to make sure the relationship between owner and pet is successful. The Akita’s strength, intelligence, and independence are just some of the qualities that must be taken into account when considering bringing one home.

What are Akita dogs known for?

Akita dog, originally from Japan, are some of the most loyal and devoted companions you could ask for. They have a strong sense of loyalty and devotion to their family unit.


The Akita Dog is an amazing dog breed with a rich and historic background. Even though these dogs were traditionally used for hunting purposes, their loyalty and courage make them a wonderful companion for anyone that is looking for a large, majestic pet. With proper socialization and training, Ankita’s can be devoted and helpful members of the family. When it comes to health concerns, this breed requires special attention because of possible medical issues. Regardless of their needs, once properly taken care of, Ankita’s are sure to bring much joy into the hearts of those who love them. In short, if you’re looking for an attractive, gentle giant that will take commitment and dedication while requiring some extra time and money in order to keep them happy and healthy – the Akita is certainly the right dog for you!

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