Ossabaw Island Pig-Life Span of Ossabaw Island pig


The Ossabaw Island pig is a small breed that is descended from Spanish pigs brought to North America hundreds of years ago.

Its origin is center around the middle of the year 1500. Where the Spanish pigs crossed with pigs from the area which originated the pigs of this breed.

These poor pigs, poorly bred and malnourished, are flooding the sanctuaries. Probably 90% of the population of the so-called micro pigs or pocket pigs will be dead or in a sanctuary before they reach the age of two.

This name of micro pigs is given because of its size can occupy very small places. The pig of Ossabawes Island is a breed of pig derived from a population of wild pigs on the island of Ossabaw, Georgia, United States.

ossabaw island pig

A breeding population has been established on American farms outside the island. But they are still an endangered variety of pigs.


The characteristics of the pig breed of Ossabaw Island in both phenotype and genotype have been shaped by the pressures of wildlife in an island habitat. They are small size pigs, which reach less than 50 centimeters tall at maturity.

Both males and females are similar in size and weight, which is why both weigh a maximum of 90 Kg. The size of this race is due in part to the phenomenon of dwarfism of the island where this race lives.

And individuals kept on farms off the island can grow slightly larger in successive generations. They are also robust and very good fodder, making them useful in extensive agriculture.

Ossabaw pigs appear in a wide range of colors, the most common being black and a spotted variety. They also have long snouts, the back of this breed is straight, the ears are very vertical.

As for the coat, this breed has a heavy layer of fur compared to other pig breeds. In addition, the colors of the coat are something opaque, and in addition, the coat is hard.

The chest of this animal stands out, so when seen in profile, it looks very round. Ossabaws are observed to be intelligent and friendly pigs in terms of temperament.

As a result of living on an island where the abundance and scarcity of food is seasonally variable, the Ossabaw pigs store the fat.

This is achieved in a different way to most domestic pigs and they have an economic gene.


The Ossabaw Island pig is a double purpose breed. Which is used for meat production, as well as in laboratories for its characteristics? You may also read Minzhu pig

When this breed is fed under conditions of food storage systems, they accumulate more fat than other pigs and can develop a prediabetes condition.

Because this feature makes them useful as a model organism. In addition, scientific studies on the metabolic syndrome and type II diabetes have been carried out in the Ossabaw pig.

Also, the meat of this breed is dark, with a unique texture, and is a prize for resembling Iberian ham of black Iberian pork.

It is considered to be artisanal, heritage product especially to use meat in cured meats, and whole roasts of pork.


The Ossabaw Island pig is a breed that usually feeds in stables, and the farmers are responsible for the food supply.

Because this breed tends to get fat very quickly, farmers have to monitor their diet.

Since sometimes this race show signs of type 2 diabetes when they have access to food throughout the year.

Usually, the pigs of this breed feed them with grass, and with native vegetables from the island.

Ossabaw pigs have also adapted to high salt diets and the minimum availability of freshwater on the island. You may also read Norwegian Landrace pig

Special Characteristics:

The Ossabaw Island pig is a breed that is particularly adept at gaining weight quickly when they have unlimited access to high-calorie food.

In addition, island pigs also relatively develop the same disease symptoms as people suffering from morbid obesity.

In the same way, this race suffers from an advanced degree of arteriosclerosis and blood pressure, they develop moderate resistance to insulin.

Another particularity of this breed is that they gather fat around their internal organs. This makes the Ossabaw pigs ideal for researching obesity and diabetes.

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