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History & Origin

The Amorstream Goose is a breed of domestic goose with origins going as far back as medieval Europe. It is believed that during the Middle Ages, Amorstream Geese were bred in parts of Germany and Poland for their meat. The Amorstream Goose was highly sought after for its big size and full-flavored meat. These bold characteristics have largely contributed to the Amorstream Goose still being relatively popular today, despite its time-honored history dating back centuries.


The Amorstream Goose is an exceptional breed of goose that was selectively bred to have a rapid growth rate and low-fat content, making it an ideal choice for those who enjoy its succulent meat. This breed of domesticated goose is particularly special due to its high levels of fertility, producing more eggs than related landraces. Amorstream geese are renowned for their stunning form, with eyes that often appear larger than normal and a particularly long neck and bill. Its plumage has a great variation in pattern, most commonly displaying dark grey or blue feathers with lighter cheeks, though many morphs can appear throughout the species. All in all, Amorstream geese provide an ideal balance between beauty and taste!


Amorstream Geese are a popular breed of domestic geese known for producing plenty of feed. Amorstreams are believed to produce more feed than other breeds and landraces, making them ideal for those seeking a hearty meaty goose. Furthermore, Amorstream Goose meat is particularly renowned in the Germanic languages, which makes it an even more attractive option for many looking to raise the birds. Amorstreams are considered the “workhorses” of geese, reliably providing delicious and nutritious meals.


Amorstream Geese are considered a species with semi-domestic populations, primarily used for their meat which is popular in Germanic languages, including German and Dutch. Amorstreams are known for their mild flavor and tender texture, lending to their popularity among those looking for a tasty yet economical meal. Amorstreams can be found predominantly in large farms that produce geese for commercial use, however, some home growers enjoy raising these domesticated birds on smaller scales. Amorstream Geese have become an integral part of the global poultry industry because of their high demand; they offer an enjoyable dish that is both affordable and delicious!

Special Feature

One interesting breed of domestic goose is the Amorstream, a hybrid breed composed of both Chinese and Graylag geese. Amorstream Geese are particularly noted for their pleasant personalities, making them an ideal pet for those looking for more than just a meat source. Additionally, Amorstrems lay around 45 large white eggs each cycle. This makes Amorstreams an invaluable asset to small farms or backyards, always yielding high-quality eggs in abundance throughout the year.

Taking a Closer Look at the Amorstream Goose

The Amorstream Goose is a breed of domestic goose with origins tracing back to the Ammora region of Romania. This unique breed was first brought over to the United States in the late 20th century and is incredibly popular among many Germanic countries for their meat content. As such, Amorstream Geese have been bred and raised specifically for their delectable flavor profile and texture across the globe, making it a desirable choice among families when selecting what type of meals they’d like to include on the dinner table during special occasions or holidays. Its name derives from Ammora, its place of origin, and streams that flow through this area to create an inviting landscape. With a closer look at Amorstream Geese, it’s easy to see why they are so beloved by many individuals around the world.

Breed – Why it’s Unique

Amorstream Geese are a unique breed that originated in The Netherlands but can now be found all over the world. This breed is particularly valued for its tender and flavorful meat, which has earned Amorstream Geese a reputation as an excellent choice for the dinner table. Amorstreams stand out from other domestic geese in their larger size and ability to lay more eggs than most breeds of geese. They also typically have white feathers, acting as somewhat of a blank slate for owners looking to crossover with another breed and create something unique. Despite Amorstreams having been around since the mid-20th century, they continue to remain beloved by farmers looking to provide some of the best goose meat around.

The Pros and Cons of Owning

Owning an Amorstream Goose has both its pros and cons. Amorstream geese are a breed of domestic waterfowl that is mainly bred for meat production and is popular in Germanic languages. These geese are relatively easy to take care of, requiring the same shelters, foods, and veterinary care as other common types of poultry. Amorstream geese can also provide unique companionship since they tend to form strong bonds with their owners. However, if you do not plan on eating the goose or raising it as a pet, you should look at another type of bird since Amorstream Geese require more space than other types as well as extra attention. Additionally, Amorstream geese require special feeding strategies during their growth cycle due to the risk of organ fat deposits which can lead to health problems later on in life.

Common Health Problems

Just like any other pet, Amorstream Geese can suffer from their fair share of common health problems. Keeping them healthy requires properly providing for their needs and being aware of the symptoms. Amorstream Geese are particularly prone to issues such as stress and feather loss, parasite infestations, bloating due to consuming too much high-carbohydrate food, and issues with eyesight due to exposure to bright lights so it is essential to watch out for signs or sudden behavior changes in your Amorstream Goose. It is highly recommended to make regular veterinary visits so that any potential health problem can be caught early on and treated before it develops into something more serious. Along with regular vet visits, adequate nutrition and sanitary living conditions should also be maintained occasionally by cleaning their habitat to ensure the wellbeing of your Amorstream Goose over time.


How long do Amorstream Geese live?

The average lifespan of an Amorstream Goose is between 15 and 20 years. It’s rare for them to live beyond that, but there have been reports of some geese living up to 25 years old.

What do Amorstream Geese eat?

Amorstream Geese are omnivorous birds, meaning they eat both plant and animal matter. They mostly feed on a variety of aquatic plants including duckweed, eelgrass, water millet, and sedges; however, the majority of their diet consists of insects such as mosquitoes, beetles, and dragonflies. The geese also commonly consume other invertebrates like crustaceans or mollusks. In addition to that they will sometimes feed on small fish (such as minnows) or amphibians (like frogs).

How much do Amorstream Geese weigh?

Ameristream Geese generally weigh in at around 8 to 10 pounds, with some birds reaching weights of up to 16 pounds. The size range for this breed is quite variable, as the largest bird can be nearly twice as big as the smallest bird. On average, a mature Ameristream goose will stand about 24 inches tall from head to toe and will have a wingspan of between 5 and 6 feet wide. As far as body shape goes, these geese are stocky but streamlined with long necks and bodies that look similar to the Canadian Geese.


In conclusion, the Amorstream goose is a unique and interesting animal that can be a great addition to any family. From their history, characteristics, and usage, it’s clear why they have become such popular domestic animals. Not only are they reasonably priced, easy to maintain, and friendly, but they also serve as thermoregulatory companions! Owning an Amorstream goose isn’t without its drawbacks, however. They are susceptible to some specific health issues and require just as much attention and care as other types of geese. That being said, with proper care, an Amorstream Goose can make a great pet for many years to come! Geese in general may not suit every lifestyle or living situation but if your homes or yards are suitable for them then you could gain emotional benefits from having one of these majestic birds grace your home. All in all, owning a goose of any kind is a serious commitment so it’s important to research carefully before making the decision.

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