Minzhu Pig: Bringing a New Breed to the United States

The Minzhu pig is an incredibly hardy breed of swine from China. The region in which they are found has a dry and cold climate, making them suited to harsh conditions. They also have the ability to withstand lower temperatures than other breeds do; however, this does not mean that these pigs cannot be raised successfully where it’s warmer!

The Ming Zhu (also known as Da Min) come from far northern China and can often be found on farms located north of Huaihe River Basin or Qinling Mountains near Middle Temperate Belt areas – their high tolerance for low temperature makes them perfect for winter weather though by no means lacking when faced with higher temps either!

Minzhu Pig

Characteristics of Minzhu Pig

The Minzhu pig is a breed that goes from medium size to large sizes. This breed can reach 90 centimeters high, and up to 130 centimeters long. Being able to acquire a weight between 85 and 90 Kg. Reaching between 3 and 3.5 centimeters of fat. The males of this breed become a little larger both in size and weight than the females of this breed. You may also read Lacombe pig

In general, the back and the back have a narrow size, but these maintain certain straightness, in comparison with other races. The coat of this pig is black and also the coat is thick and of great length. Although the coat of this breed is black, it can easily be differentiated from other breeds. And when winter arrives a dense wool forms which protect it from the harsh climatic conditions. Being able to survive in climates that approach 0 degrees Celsius. You may also read Mong Cai Pig

In addition, both the male and the female of this breed are very fertile. Already at 3 or 4 months of age, this breed is able to reproduce. The litters of this breed are very tall, producing between 15 and 16 young per litter. The breeding period of this breed goes from 3 to 5 weeks.

While the mortality rate is very low reaching between 10 and 11 pups per litter, after weaning. When they are born they weigh between 1 and 1.5 Kg., After a week of life they reach double their weight, but from then on the weight gain is slow. The growth of this breed is somewhat slow, in comparison with other breeds, however, they reach medium size. And the meat of this breed keeps a good flavor. Although the meat of this breed can reach a maximum of 5 kg of fat, nothing more in the abdomen.


The Minzhu pig is a single-purpose breed. It is usually used for meat production. The meat of this breed has fat, however, it tastes good, having a sweet taste. Although it can also be crossed with other species, adding to its descendants to improve the flavor and quality of the meat, as well as increase the size. That is why breeds raised in China can be easily differentiated compared to breeds raised in other countries.


The Minzhu pig is a breed that can feed on things found in the environment that surrounds them, such as leaves, herbs, trees, and roots. In the same way, it can be fed with large amounts of forage, as well as some vegetables. It can also feed on large proportions of grass and still maintain its weight. This is an advantage of this breed, they can produce a good taste of the meat, consuming low-quality food. In addition, this breed can graze without causing damage to the land where they feed.

Special Features

The Minzhu pig is a highly resistant race since its place of origin had to adapt to severe climatic conditions. They are resistant both to cold areas, as well as to have low and low food since there is little food that gets in cold areas. This breed could be exported to the United States, along with other breeds, such as the Fengjing and Meishan breeds. Although it can also be exported to other countries. Also, this breed is also resistant to different diseases, especially the most common in pigs. Another characteristic for which farmers prefer this breed is its low mortality rate. And the great birth rate and fertility that this race has.


We hope this guide has helped you and that you’ve learned about the Minzhu pig. It is a highly resistant breed, so it could be exported to countries with cold climates or low food availability. This breed also resists different diseases, such as swine fever and foot-and-mouth disease. Finally, because of its high resistance rate for mortality in pigs, farmers are attracted by them. For more information on this type of animal, livestock contact us today!

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