Fengjing pig-The Origin of Fengjing pig


The Fengjing pig is a breed whose origin is from China. Even the name of this race comes from its place of origin which is Fengjing in Shanghai. And this race has spread to various places and regions of China.


The Fengjing pig is a medium-sized breed. This breed can reach 70 centimeters high. And they can be 100 centimeters long.

fengjing Pig

And they can weigh between 70 and 75 Kg. Usually, the coat of this race is black; it is short and has no shine.

Sometimes this breed has white legs. And the skin has a very special feature is that it has folds giving many wrinkles throughout the skin.

Sometimes the folds become so many in the fact that as the folds grow they also grow which makes the vision of this race very difficult.

The ears of this breed are large and leaf-shaped, so they hang down. In addition, this breed has very thick legs and good muscles.

The back of this species is something straight with a cover in the whole half. And the face is tilted down, with a broad front.

While the udders are hanging, and the tail is medium-sized and is hanging too. Something that stands out in this breed is that it is a breed that is very fertile and also produces very abundant litters.

They get to have at least 2 births a year. In the first litter, around 12 piglets are born. By the third parturition, they produce more than 16 piglets and reproduce up to 20 young in calving.

And they have a survival rate after weaning above 50%. The offspring of this breed tend to develop slowly and produce a certain amount of fat.

However, the taste of the meat of this race either at an early age or at an advanced age is of very good quality and good taste.

The production of this breed between the years 1.600 to 1.900 was of 200.000 pigs per year. At the age of 2 or 3 months, this breed reaches puberty. You may also like to read German Landrace pig


The Fengjing pig is a breed that is used for the production of its meat. In addition, this breed has been implemented to improve the quality of the meat of other species.

That is why the females of this breed have placed them inbreeding and crossing programs. Although this breed is also used as a domestic animal, and to breed in medium-size farms.


The Fengjing pig can be fed with forages. Likewise, the producers of this race usually complement the diet of this race with local vegetables, as well as aquatic plants

And being a large breed usually consumes large amounts of fodder. In the same way, it can also be fed with fiber, and with other cereals and grains.

When this breed is free in the wild they tend to feed on leaves, herbs, fruits, and any food that is perceived by their smell.

Special Characteristics:

The Fengjing pig is a very resistant breed that can inhabit from very temperate climates to tropical climates. In addition, this resistance also extends to be strong against some diseases.

Not only is that in crosses to improve the taste of the meat in their offspring but also so that they inherit the number of piglets they produce.

And so the offspring can produce larger litters. Because of the characteristics of this breed, it has been good for exporting to other countries. You may also like to read Czech Improved White Pig

Fengjing pig is considered one of the breeds with the highest pig reproduction worldwide. And also with the highest survival rates after weaning.

In addition, the fengjing pig race along with the Meishan race and the Minzhu were exported to the United States.

With the aim of introducing them into a program to cross with other species and improve the characteristics of other races.

It is the females of these breeds that are used mostly in crossbreeding programs. The meat that produces this race is white, of excellent quality, and that has high values ​​of the fat, the reason why it is very valued within the Chinese culture.

And also that the meat is so tender that you can get excellent dishes in a short time.

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