Czech Improved White pig-The Origin of Czech White Pig


As its name indicates, the Czech Improved White Pig has its origin and is found throughout the country of the Czech Republic.

This breed was created from crosses between the breeds Edelschwein, German Landrace, Large White with the pigs that were in the area. In addition to crossings that were made with this breed, it gave rise to the improved Slovak breed.

This race began to be created after the Second World War, and at that same time, they began to breed in neighboring country’s local breeds similar to the Czech Improved White pig.


Czech Improved White pig is a medium-sized breed.

The body of this race becomes compact and short, but with good musculature. Its name details in addition to its origin the color of this race which is pink or beige, reaching even to find some white.

czech Improved white pig

The ears of this breed are small and also these are always straight but directed forward. It is a race that has large proportions and is also very strong.

Czech Improved White pig is a breed that grows faster than other species, despite its moderate growth.

The taste of its meat was improved due to the crosses, so this breed has a taste of lean meat“.

The legs of this breed become short, while the tails are short but are curly. Although they grow very fast, they are of good size and have excellent musculature, their tummy is not hanging.

The females of this breed come to produce multiple births, and the females of this breed can give birth several times in a year. You may also like to read German-landrace-pig

The litters of this breed vary between 6 and 10 offspring per calving.

Another advantage that the females possess is that they produce a lot of milk so that the young of this breed will take advantage of the colostrum and will grow strong and fast.

In addition, females usually care for their offspring between 3 and the first 5 weeks of age. The birth weight of each baby reaches approximately 1 kilo, and at one week of age they reach double their weight.


Czech Improved White pig is a double purpose breed.

On the one hand, thanks to its size and dimensions produce good proportions of meat. In addition, their fattening level is higher than that of other breeds.

The meat of this breed is excellent for the production of various sausages, including ham, chops, bacon.

Another reason why farmers seek to produce this breed is because of a breed that is very fertile. Due to its character, this breed can also be used as a pet.


Czech Improved White pig is a breed that has a good feed conversion rate, because this characteristic is a favorite of farmers.

Getting to need less food than other races, and can develop the same size as other races.

Like other races, he has poor vision, but his nose allows him to find food. This breed is omnivorous, so it can feed on plants and other animals.

In addition, it has to stay very hydrated, consuming between 35 and 55 liters of water per day.

Special features:

Czech Improved White pig is a breed that besides being strong adapts easily to the environment that surrounds it.

In addition, this breed can be in cold climates as well as in hot climates without their health being affected. This race had low levels of fat in the muscles, characteristics that they inherited from their ancestors.

This directly affects the taste of their flesh. That is why the race had to cross with other species to be able to improve.

Something that stands out about this breed is that they have good resistance against stress.

There is a miniature size variety of the Czech Improved White pig breed, but it still belongs to the same line of this breed. In addition, this race is very popular and is a well-known breed in the Czech Republic.

Despite being a resistant breed, its immune system is not so high, which makes it prone to diseases as other breeds, it can even transmit this disease to humans.

And although this race has a large size, the lungs in proportion to your body are very small.

This breed at birth has 28 teeth, which fall when they reach 12 months of age and are replaced by 44 teeth which already make up the adult teeth.

This breed reaches a maximum of 15 years and a minimum of 9 years of age. Another characteristic of this breed is that it does not produce much sweat. you may also like to read Lithuanian-native-pig

So it keeps its body covered in mud to concentrate the freshness in their bodies.

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