Iberian pig-The Origin of Iberian pig


The Iberian pig is a very old breed, so much so that the origin of this breed goes back to the Neolithic.

At that time, the domestication of animals was hardly begun. Nowadays this breed is obtained in Spain and in Portugal. The ancestors of this race were mixed with wild boars, which resulted in this breed.

This breed adapted perfectly to be domesticated, and to be grazed, as long as it is grazed in fruitful areas.

This breed had large numbers in its population, but it was not until 60 when it was affected by swine fever which greatly decreased its population.

However, although its number has been reduced and has been affected, the production of this breed for meat consumption has increased.


The feeding of this breed based on acorns makes the flavor of the meat very good and of excellent quality.

lberian pig

In addition, the flesh of this race can accumulate fat both within the muscles and in the epidermis. You may also like to read Dutch Landrace pig

The coat of this race can be of different colors but always of dark tones, among them red, black and even gray, it can have a lot or little coat.

It is a race that needs to be in open spaces since it is an energetic race and they are constantly walking.

That is why this race burns more calories than other races. Another characteristic of this breed is that its bones are thin, thus giving greater cavity to the production of meat.

The female of this breed reaches puberty around 200 days of age and can mate between 8 and 12 months of age.

In general, the traditional reproduction method is used in farms, where 1 male of this breed mates with 10 females.

When the females are pregnant, they feed extensively. Arriving to eat between 1 and 2.5 Kg of food per day.

Once the parturition has already taken place, the females continue to feed on pastures close to where they have their litter.

When the offspring are weaned, which occurs approximately between 15 and 20 days of age. This breed weighs between 20 and 25 kg. Weaning can occur early between 3 and 4 weeks, and 8 weeks of age. You may also like to read Finnish Landrace Pig

At the beginning, it is fed with 100 grams of additional supplement to breastfeeding, and they increase it up to 1 kg per day.

When this breed reaches between 12 to 18 months of age it reaches a weight between 90 and 100 Kg. The most that weigh despite this race is around 160 Kg.


The Iberian pig is a single purpose breed, which is used for the production of meat. In addition, this breed, both in taste and quality, outperforms other pig breeds.

And is even the example of pork production. The difference between this meat and another is that this breed is raised intensively in industrial farms.

The meat produced by this breed is excellent for the production of hams, steaks, and ribs.


The Iberian pig is a demanding race. Although it can be fed by intense grazing, it requires that what it eats is of good quality.

It can feed on grass and forage, but it still requires acorns and some good quality trees. In addition, this race consumes several types of oaks, as well as fresh herbs which work as a vitamin.

So that this breed can increase 1 Kg. Fed with acorns, it should consume around 10 and 15 Kg of acorns per day. In the same way, you need to consume plenty of water.

Specials Characteristic:

Something that catches the attention of this breed iberian pig is that it has a good appetite.

So it tends to rapidly increase in weight. The quality of the meat of this breed depends not only on what is fed, but there are also many factors that play for it.

Among this is the age at which the race is a slaughter, the physical maintenance that they have since an animal that exercises daily will produce a harder flesh.

Even the purity of the race, since if the race crosses with other races it will not produce the same quality of meat as a pure race.

In addition, the purity of this race is linked to the increase in weight. Since while purity means greater weight gain.

Age and exercise ensure that the higher the breed and the greater the exercise, the better the meat quality and the better the taste will be.

This breed is an important part of agricultural production.

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