Nigerian Dwarf Goat – Discovery of Goat Lifespan


The Nigerian Dwarf Goat came to the United States in the 20th century, people referred to them as the Pygmies. Over time, farmers realized that the term pygmy umbrellas, including different types of goats.

In the United States, people initially used miniature goats as food for big cats in zoos. Over time, more and more people wanted to keep goats as pets. The Nigerian dwarf goat comes from West Africa.

They began to distinguish between the Nigerian goat dwarf, for its small and angular body, and the dwarf goat, with shorter and heavier body legs.

Characteristics of Nigerian Dwarf Goat:

The Nigeria Dwarf goats are small, but their head, limbs, and body are proportional to their size. Goats with an average weight of 35 kilos. There are two different levels of height for Nigerian dwarf goats.

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The Nigerian Goat Dwarf Association requires goats, or does, that is 17 to 21 inches tall, while males, or deer, must be between 19 and 23 cm tall. The American goat society does not allow to be to a maximum of 22.5 cm of height, whereas the males of this species can be a maximum height of 23.5 inches.

Although black African original Nigerian goats, Nigerian dwarf goats are now available in a variety of colors and designs. They can be solid black, brown, white, or gold, or they may have tricolor, pinto with a pattern or Dalmatian coats with blemishes. A Nigerian dwarf goat usually has erect and short ears with medium long hair.

People often have to use Nigerian Dwarf goats for milk production. You can get up to 2 kilos or more of the milk taste sweet every day from the Dwarf goats.

Compared to other breeds of dairy goats. The milk that the Nigerian dwarf goat produces is more protein-rich and high in milk fat. Although it produces goat’s milk, it can be difficult to be milked because of its small breasts.

If you are thinking of buying a dwarf goat from Nigeria for milk production, examine the animals’ breasts and try to milk them.


The feeding to the goats must be made up of legume and hay. Alfalfa is best and should be provided daily. They can be fed in a sheltered, dry place, off the ground. Never feed your wet hay goats. Hay can develop mold that can make the goats sick.

Supplement of hay and forage grass with sweet animal feed, a combination of corn, oats and barley grains.

Provide supplements of loose mineral salts. Mineral salt is necessary for health and blocks of goat salt do not work well for goats; Loose mineral salt supplements are the best.


The Nigerian Dwarf Goat is a breed that is used for milk production and can be used as a pet. Its character is fun and rewarding, and children will especially care and play with these goats that are totally loving.

Just remember, a happy goat and a healthy goat is one that has the company, good nutrition and a safe and dry place to shelter from the elements.

Special Characteristics:

The Nigerian dwarf goats often form links to their owners. The goats are friendly, playful and friendly and are especially suitable for children, the elderly and the disabled.

Nigerian dwarf goats are able to share pastures and live peacefully with other animals, such as cows, donkeys, llamas, and horses. One of the problems that people may have with goats is their sound.

Urban goat farmers can not feel comfortable with a Nigerian goat dwarf around the animals as they can be noisy and disturb the neighbors.

Goat Profile:

Goat name Nigerian Dwarf Goat
Other Name Any
Goat Purpose Reproduce it for its milk that is rich in minerals and to breed as a pet
Coat color Solid black, brown, white, and gold, some occasions are born multicolored
Weight 35 kg
Climate Tolerance Warm climates
Country of Origin United States

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