Mong Cai Pig: The History of Mong Cai Pigs

Mong Cai Pig has been bred to be bigger and healthier than regular Vietnamese pigs. Mong Cai is a province in the north-eastern region of Vietnam. Mong Cai pig farmers have bred their pigs according to an ancient recipe that originated from China, but Mong Cai Pigs are now known for their healthy and tasty meat.

Mong Cai is a province in the north-eastern region of Vietnam. The province has many products that are famous for their quality, like Mong Cai pig. Mong Cai pigs have been bred to be bigger and healthier than regular Vietnamese pigs. This blog post will explore the history of Mong Cai Pigs as well as what makes them different from your average Vietnamese Pig.

Mong Cai Pig

Characteristics of Mong Cai Pig

The Mong Cai Pig is the most popular and abundant among others who are also native to this area of ​​Indochina. This breed is medium size. Already at 12 months of age, this breed reaches 60 Kg. Mong Cai males weigh between 100 and 110 kg. While the females weigh around 90 and 100 kg. This breed is most of its body has white fur. You may also read Kunekune pig

It has been observed in the same way specimens that have a greater amount of black fur, or that it has in its entirety black fur. Although there are few areas of his body with black furs, such as the back, face, or legs. In addition, black patches have been found in other areas of the body. And not because of this is disqualified from the race. While the spine is concave which has a curvature with the great pronouncement. The belly of this race is prominent, which extends several centimeters down.

On the other hand, the face is somewhat wrinkled, since it has several skin folds. In addition, this breed has around 60 millimeters of fat thickness. The Mong Cai pigs have a growth speed that is a bit slow but resembles that of other breeds. And body composition tends to be abundant in adipose tissue. However, its main characteristic is its great adaptation to tropical conditions of high humidity and environmental temperature.

In addition, they adapt to consume local food resources. Both the male and females of this breed at 2 or 3 months of age are already able to reproduce. Perhaps the distinctive feature of these pigs is their great precocity and fertility, with an average litter size of approximately 12 piglets. The females of this race have a remarkable maternal ability to produce and sustain abundant litter.

This feature makes the Mong Cai pigs the one that makes it possible for them to be popularly used as a maternal race. And also to take advantage of crossings with exotic stallions such as the Large White. In Mong Cai pigs, behavioral traits during growth have been studied further. But others as important as reproductive traits have not received careful attention. Particularly this race is fed with abundant tropical resources in the fiber of all types. The Mong Cai pigs, on the other hand, are carriers of an abundant reservoir of genetic diversity.


The Mong Cai Pig is a race that is of several purposes. One of the main uses that are given to this species is the production of meat. In addition, this species is fertile and produces a wide litter, that is why it has been used to cross with other species. And so improve their meat properties, as well as the increase in production in terms of litter size. Although this breed has also been used as a domestic breed, despite being a medium breed they do not take up much space. You may also read Lacombe pig


The Mong Cai Pig is a breed that adapts perfectly to the vegetation of its place of origin. That is why farmers take advantage of the vegetation and what they produce on their farms. Among some foods take advantage of large green leaves. As well as bamboos, cereals, rice, and other food sources. In addition, this breed can also feed on forages. In the same way, they use it in their diet to offer their animals large amounts of water.

Also to the diet of this breed, you can add protein, to complete your diet, this breed likes to feed on lentils. Although this breed can survive and adapts easily with low-quality feeds.

Special Features

Today the Mong Cai race is in danger of extinction. There are even regions in Vietnam where they have created programs so that this breed does not reach its extinction completely. One of the races that descend the Mong Cai race, is the race of the Vietnamese pig dwarf. And like its predecessor, it is also in danger of extinction. One of the characteristics for which farmers prefer to breed this breed is that it is resistant to common diseases in pigs.


Mong Cai Pig is a breed of pig that originated in China. The ancient recipe used to create this particular type of Vietnamese Pig was brought over by the Chinese and adapted for use in Vietnam’s climate, which has led to their larger size than other pigs found throughout the country. The meat from these pigs is considered tastier because they are fed with an excellent blend of feed ingredients as well as fresh vegetables grown on local farms. Because they’re raised without any harmful chemicals or antibiotics, you can enjoy delicious pork knowing it’s sourced responsibly and ethically – no matter where you live! If you want to know more about what makes these special animals so unique, Comment below!

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