Lacombe Pig: Pig From Canada’s Dairyland

The Lacombe pig breed is the fifth in the ranking of pigs in Canada. This breed originated from crossing with the Landrace and Chester White breeds with animals of the Berkshire breed. But when the crosses were made they kept pure white hair species. In the late ’60s, this breed was exposed to public light, but only the males were sold. It was not until a few years later that the females were made available.

By the beginning of the 1980s, more than 1.700 they came to register. Of these, about 600 were males and more than 1.000 were females. The Lacombe has been found very useful in the center of Canada, the area for which it was specially developed.

Lacombe Pig

Characteristics of Lacombe Pig

The Lacombe pig is a vigorous animal that does not reach a large size. In general, this race comes to be in the medium race range. This breed presents the elongated and thin head; the ears are medium length, thin and drooping. Also, this breed has a wide and compact trunk with a muscular back and third back. The color of the coat is mostly white.

The animals of this breed have reached weights of up to 110 kg. at 8 months of age, in the case of boars can achieve up to 400 kg. This race breed has a lot of bodies, rather short of the legs, and very fleshy is its flesh in its conformation. The breed has been specially select and stands out for its quickness of gain and docility, especially in sows.

Much attention has been paid to litter size, weaning weight, growth rate, feed conversion efficiency, carcass quality, and physical strength. Both males and sows have gained a reputation, valued by high fecundity. In some regions of Canada, they have accepted the breed in particular in which it is used directly or the broodstock used in crossbreeding programs. You may also read Finnish Landrace Pig

Crossbred sows have proven to be excellent in performance. The selection of the breed has been especially effective in production because it is the most docile breed in Canada. The sows are perfect for confinement and produce pigs that only stop in confinement, but the gain is quick and efficient.


The Lacombe pig is a breed that is based on grains and cereals. Usually, this breed is fed in stables, and in closed places. But farmers also use vegetables that they produce on their farms. The Lacombe pig is a breed that has been the victim of much criticism and disagreement. Some farmers criticize its feed, claiming it’s too bland for their liking while others rave about this unique flavor profile which sets them apart from other breeds like bacon pigs or smoked ham hogs.

Some Lacombes are fed in stables and closed places while others may be able to enjoy fresh vegetables grown on farms by the farmer themselves – depending on how they’re raised!


The Lacombe pig exposes valuable characteristics for the excellent quality of its channels, such as deep and meaty hams and lean meat. Also, the characteristics of its products include a high average of growth, large litters, heavyweight of the weaning, and high quality of channels. The Lacombe Pig is a versatile breed that produces high-quality females and its effective use as a terminal male.

Special Features

The Lacombe pig is a white breed that contributes to the strengthening of commercial programs for raising pigs in Canada. The number of independent breeders has been relatively small. But those who have probably uses production tests and performance records more effectively than pig breeders around the world. You may also read Kunekune pig

Canada has been recognized for the quality of the pork produce. Its quality standards have been maintained at a sufficient level to meet the most demanding standards in the market. Unless under the direct control of the government and rigid. This care and attention to the important details have resulted in continuous improvement of the breed. While the performance on economic production traits has also been improved. Currently, this breed is in danger of extinction. Although that race today is only in the hands of private companies.


If you’re looking to start a farm or ranch, then the Lacombe pig is worth considering. This breed was developed in Canada and originated from crossing with three other breeds that were popular at the time- Landrace, Chester White and Berkshire. The majority of those crosses produced white hair species but for some reason, they retained their color when exposed to public light. It wasn’t until 1968 that this breed began being sold as more than just males and it took another few years before females became available too. Today there are over 1,700 registered pigs of this type with about 600 males and 1,000 females among them!

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