Finnish Landrace Pig-The Life of Finnish Landrace Pig

The Finnish Landrace Pig has its origin in Northern Europe as well as other races belonging to the Landrace line.

Its name comes from its place of origin which is in Finland. The original races of the area were crossed with other races of the Landrace line which resulted in the Finnish Landrace Pig breed.

Even this breed has been exported to other countries, with Finland being one of the countries with the highest production.

In addition, the export of this breed has been fundamental for those countries that depend on the Landrace breed.

finnish landrace Pig

In Finland, swine farming has not had many years of experience, however, the production of pigs has been fruitful.

There are even programs that provide help to farmers, both in their breeding methods and in accounting for the herd.


The Finnish Landrace Pig is usually available in white, pink or beige, in addition, the coat is short, it is very rare to find other color variations.

It also has large ears and leaf-shaped, in addition to its large size are directed to the front and hang down.

Finnish Landrace Pig is a medium-size breed, the females weigh around 200 and 270 Kg. While men weigh between 220 and 320 Kg. You may also like to read German Landrace pig

In general, this breed is killed for meat production when it reaches a weight between 150 and 170 Kg. The 4 legs of this species have a good musculature and are strong enough.

In addition, the spine is something straight without so much curvature. And it has a tail which is short and has a small helical curve.

The females of this species have a large number of nipples which ensures a good feeding to the offspring. This breed is fertile enough and the females get between 2 and 3 births per year.

The average in the litter can be between 6 and 10 litters per litter. Although this breed physically resembles several races of the Landrace line.

But they differ in that The Finnish Landrace Pig is a breed that stays very clean. This is one of the reasons why this breed is preferred by many farmers both in Finland and in neighboring countries.


The Finnish Landrace Pig breed is a breed of several purposes. Although the main reason for which they use this breed is for the production of meat since the meat is of excellent quality.

In general, its meat is used for the production of hams. In addition, this race is used to cross with other species.

Because they can produce a large number of offspring in the year, and of which they have a high survival rate at weaning. You may also like to read Czech Improved White Pig


The Finnish Landrace Pig feeds on both grass and herbs, and some vegetables that the farmers themselves produce.

They also complement their diet with cereals, grains, to provide and ensure an excellent flavor and quality to the production of their meat. In addition, you should supplement your diet with plenty of clean water.

Special Characteristic:

Breeders of the Finnish Landrace Pig breed must ensure sanitary measures where the bath is far from where they feed.

Even small babies can easily distinguish which are the places to feed and rest, and which to use as a pigsty.

In addition, this race has the characteristic of being very restless, that is why they need an open space.

The place where they live must have several meters so they can spread out, entertain themselves and thus have physical activity.

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