Middle White pig-The Origin and Breed of Middle White pig


The Middle White pig is a breed that has existed since the beginning of 1850, and its origin was in the United Kingdom exactly in Yorkshire.

Actually there was only a small and large White pig, but at a fair, it was that this race was discovered.

Because some pigs that presented at the fair had a long but did not meet the size of the large White pig.

And they were not so small as to fall into the category of small White pig. However, it had enough characteristics to be an appreciated race.

middle white pig

So in that contest, the committee was convened and it was decided to establish the parameters of the middle White pig. In addition, a national foundation was created 30 years after the creation of this breed.

The purity of the middle White and large white pig races, as well as the Tamworth, was defended and preserved. You may also like to read Kele Pig

This race was threatened because in the second world war its number decreased. And several farmers saw themselves in the task of preserving this race and keeping it for its production.


The Middle White pig is a large breed, although since its size does not approach the size of large White pig its name is medium.

The face of this breed is very particular and has a flattened face and a very short snout and inclined slightly upwards.

Even for the appearance of this breed, it has come to be compared with the appearance of a bat, but within that rarity, the farmers consider it a beautiful breed.

The back is quite straight and this is because the back and front legs have the same height.

In addition, the legs of this breed are muscular and thick enough.

While the ears of this breed are direct upwards and are of medium size, what makes this breed look like it is always alert.

The tail of this breed is short, thin, and has a small curl directed upwards. This race has characteristics inherit by their predecessors.

The weight and size were provided by the females of the Large White pigs. While the head and the appearance of the face is a characteristic inherit by the males of the race Small White pig.

Although the race Small White pig was extinguished at the beginning of 1910.

In its beginnings, this breed was very popular, and this is because it is a breed that has early maturation, and easy handling.

And with the passage of time, the race became stronger. Even middle white pigs became known around the world, especially by the butchers.

One of the characteristics that farmers value very much is that they tend to grow rapidly.

Besides, they mature very fast too. This breed usually accumulates fat faster than other breeds, so the killing age is earlier compared to other breeds. You  may also like to read Guinea Hog pig


The Middle White pig is a breed uses mainly for meat production. It is even one of the most requested meats in restaurants.

Another use that is given to this breed is to cross it with other breeds. Also, this breed brings good characteristics to their offspring.

One of the characteristics that improve in offspring is the quality of the feed.


The Middle White pig is a resistant breed, so it can be easily fed by grazing. So this breed can be in long hours outdoors, eating from the grass that surrounds it, leaves and vegetables.

In addition, the diet can also be complete with hay, cereals, alfalfa, grains, and minerals.

It is a large breed, and food consumption per day is high. Although there is something that makes it difficult to feed and is its snout which is short, so it does not allow so much food.

Special Characteristics:

The Middle White pig is a breed that for its meat quality has easily exported to other countries.

One of the countries that most seek this race is Japan. There are farmers who are dedicated to the production of meat of this breed. And not only to market it but also as personal consumption.

Although the number of individuals of this breed has increased with the passage of time, today this breed is in danger.

There are fewer than 500 individuals of this breed. The number of individuals of this race declined a lot after the Second World War.

And it is that at that time only breeds were produced with bacon production and not the breeds that were only for meat production.

Today the Middle White pig is a breed that is considered rare.

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