Nubian Goat: Characteristics, Feeding, Breeding & Uses

Nubian goat is a breed of goat that has been around for centuries. Nubians are known for their big, floppy ears and their distinctive appearance. Nubians can be found in many colors, but the most popular are black and white or brown and white. They’re also large in size which makes them perfect to produce milk or meat! 

The Nubian goat is a breed of British goat. It was developed in the nineteenth century through cross-breeding between native Britains and large lop-eared Indian, Middle Eastern, North African mixed population imported to Britain at that time.

Nubian Goat

The Nubian goat is one of the oldest breeds in existence. They were first bred by ancient African civilizations as dual-purpose animals, to produce both milk and meat for their people’s consumption. The average butterfat content in this breed averages around 4% or higher – which makes them perfect for you if your goal is dairy production! If you want to learn more about these wonderful creatures, read on below!

Nubian Goat Characteristics

Nubian Goats are a popular breed of goat that is known for being large in size, beautiful to look at, and having black or brown fur. Their ears hang down close to the head as well as their nose which has been described by some people as Romanesque. You may also like to read Kiko goat.

They also have long legs making them tall enough not only on land but even when they’re standing up during mating season due to how high they can reach while grazing food from plants!

They don’t like extreme heat so make sure you keep an eye out for sun exposure because this will lead to dehydration if your Nubian Goat doesn’t drink water often enough Luckily though, these goats contain many properties that help fight off skin diseases and parasites naturally.

The Nubian goat is a breed of dairy animal and produces around 4-6kgs of milk per day. The hair on the Nubian goats is short, fine, and glossy. The udder size varies from does to bucks but averages at 8 kg in weight for does which can reach 12 kg when mature enough! Average live body weight ranges between 61 kilograms for females up to 80 kilos males.


The Nubian goats are excellent browsers. They prefer hay, and providing high-quality hay will be good for them. Supplementary feeds will also help increase their meat and milk production too! As they grow larger in size, they need a lot of water every day so make sure to provide your animals with as much clean freshwater that you can give them.


Female Nubian goats are excellent breeders. They have a longer breeding season than other dairy goat breeds and actually can breed throughout the year.

They live about 10 years, and they’re sexually mature by 3-12 months of age. Breeding season is fall time, and each doe has cycles that last 17 to 23 days with estrus lasting 12 to 48 hours per cycle which leads them on average 148-156 day gestation periods leading into twins or even triplets for some lucky mothers!


The Nubian goat is an animal that can withstand very hot climates and also cold temperatures. They are highly robust animals suitable for any environment. You may also like to read Goat Feeding Guide.


Nubian goats are large animals that make them ideal for the production of both meat and dairy products. They have a higher butterfat content in their milk, making it an excellent choice as a milking goat breed!

They are very lovely and intelligent animals that grow up to be just like infants. They become calm, quiet, and gentle when they have something to eat or drink while making noise for expressing their demands. Nubian Goats are also good pets because you can raise them from a young age without any trouble!

What is the difference between a Nubian goat and a regular goat?

The Nubian goat has a more narrow and “snouted” head, with ears that stand up. It is not classed as an alpine or pygmy breed of a goat but was derived from the British Alpine and Kiko breeds (at the same time).

What are some of the benefits of owning a Nubian goat?

They are highly sought after for their high-quality milk production. Their milk has a relatively high butterfat content (around 6%) and is used in making cheese, especially “Nubian” or “African pygmy goat cheese”.

How much do Nubian goats cost?

In Australia, prices for a Nubian goat varies and can range from $100 to well over $500.

Are goats friendly?

“Goats are very social animals and hate being alone or left in their own company.”

What is the average lifespan of a Nubian goat?

In Australia, the average lifespan of goat is around 6 years old.

Are Nubian goats easy to care for?

Yes, they are very easy animals to care for. Their needs are relatively simple and include food, water, shelter from the elements, exercise and companionship.

What are the most common colors of Nubian goats?

The most common colors of Nubian goats are white and brown. Although, they can be found in a variety of color combinations (wash, splash, and solid).


Nubian goats are a breed of goats that have been around for centuries. They’re large in size which makes them perfect to produce milk or meat! If you want to learn more about these wonderful creatures, read on below! What type of breeds you are looking for? Let me know in the comments below!

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