Polish Rabbit: Breed of Domestic Rabbit

The Polish Rabbit is one of the popular rabbits in the rabbit world. There are many breeds of rabbits because they have mixed with each other. Rabbit Polish is one of them. Its name does not come from Poland. Although at first glance it is what you can think of the name. Historians say that the origin of this breed is from Belgium. Although there are also indications that may have its roots in England or Germany.

Everything is uncertain as to the origins of this rabbit. Although there are historians who support that this race is a descendant of the race Dutch and Himalaya in century XIX, although there is no proof that corroborates it. Currently, this breed is considered a companion pet, because it has not always been so. In the early twentieth century, the production of this rabbit was for its meat.

Polish Rabbit

Its meat was one of the best known in Europe. Sometimes the Polish Rabbit is confused with the rabbits of the breed Netherland Dwarf. Differs in that the Polish is a little bigger and the head is round. You May Also Like To Read Lilac Rabbit.

Characteristics of Polish Rabbit

The Polish rabbit it’s a small species has short ears and stays together from birth to end. They have an oval face and Their weight in adult age is about 1.5 kg. These have a small head where we can see solid eyes. The most relevant feature of this species is that their body is quite long.

Can measure between 20 or 25 cm. and has an arched shape. Their front legs are longer. And their ears compared to the rest of the rabbits are small only measure 5 cm. This particular breed is little given to have pups. So if breeders want to engage in breeding they should choose other races that are more suitable for that task.

This rabbit takes up little space for how small it is. So it can be an ideal pet to have in an apartment.

Rabbit Polish varieties are:

  1. White color with blue or red eyes.
  2. Black color and chocolate.
  3. The variety of blue color.
  4. The most recent is the variety that has specks.

They have an elongated and arched body, as well as having long front legs that allow them to stand erect. The Polish rabbit is a very strong rabbit. The character of the Polish rabbit is very quiet and is friendly. You May Also Like To Read Dutch Rabbit

People who adopt one of these rabbits love how easy they are to adapt to their new home. They are very sociable and curious animals. They are not shy and yes very playful. The reason why they require attention and that they dedicate time to games and coexistence. You May Also Like To Read Himalayan Rabbit


The Polish rabbit is very easy to take care of and its food is not special, so it turns out to be a very economical pet. You can feed the Polish rabbit with feed purchased at the pet store. You May Also Like To Read San Juan Rabbit

The special feed for rabbits already has all the necessary nutrients so that the animal is healthy and does not require supplements. Rabbits love to chew vegetables, so once or twice a week you can feed them by replacing the feed with some vegetables.


The Polish rabbit’s use is for breeding them as pets, and for display on exhibits. Also, the production of this breed in ancient times in Europe was to consume its flesh.

Special Feature

The Polish rabbit is highly recommended that its cage is wide. As it tends to stand up so you should calculate enough space so you can stretch comfortably. The ideal size of its cage is 40 cm in front by 40 cm in depth by 30 cm in height. The bones of the Polish rabbit are very fragile and fracture easily. That is why when lifting rabbits should be taken firmly to avoid jumping, as the fall can cause a fracture.

If the breeders have little space in the house and there are children who want to pet the Polish rabbit highly recommendable. As it requires little space and loves to play. The life of these rodents will be between 7 and 9 years. Although it is an animal of calm character, nevertheless it is territorial if it is mix with other rabbits.

Therefore breeders have to be careful with unexpected attitudes that may present interacting with other specimens. It is a breed of rabbit consider as a companion so it is a good pet.

Rabbit Profile

Rabbit namePolish Rabbit
Other NameAny
Rabbit PurposeAs a pet, and to show in exhibits
Coat colorWhite, black, blue and chocolate
Weight1.5 Kg
Climate ToleranceWarm weather
Country of OriginBelgium


We hope that this guide has helped you better understand the Polish rabbit. If you’re interested in purchasing one for your home, contact a local breeder to find out more information about breeders near you. Good luck!

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