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The Checkered Giant rabbit is a breed originally from France, towards the end of the 19th century. One of its distant relatives is the Giant of Flanders.

In 1904, a german man rabbits breeder, crossed  the breeds Reinish Checker  with a Giant Flanders.

From this line comes the now called Checkered Giant rabbit. The first ones arrived in the United States in 1910.

In the United Kingdom there is a version of this breed, although it has some physical differences.

Among them the size of the body, and the spots, in addition that in this zone it receives the name of Giant Papilion.

Characteristics Details of Checkered Giant Rabbit:

The Checkered Giant rabbit is a beautiful and large rabbit with unique markings, this breed as its name indicates it falls within the large breeds.

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This breed is special because of their unique personality and temperament. You may also like to read Belgian Hare Rabbit .

In general, females are better pets because it does not have the typical territorial behavior of males. Although of course there are exceptions.

The Checkered Giant is not a good rabbit for commercial use, although it is large, its skin is very heavy and its bones are not small, aspects that do not make it a good meat or skin rabbit.

The average life of a Checkered Giant is 8 years with appropriate care. The Checkered Giant standard suggests an ideal weight of 5 kg for males and 5.5 kg for females.

But many Checkered Giant are significantly larger, weighing about 7 kgs. The Checkered Giants of the United States are somewhat different from the Europeans.

The Americans have raised the Checkered Giant to be more slender, like the Belgian hare, while the Europeans have raised it to be big and heavy.

Almost the back should be arched, the ears long and should appreciate the distinctive marks of the breed.

Must possess a butterfly-shaped spot on the nose and has circles around the eyes. It also has spots on the cheeks, dark ears and marks along the back and sides.

This one is white, with some markings on the ears, around the eyes, cheeks. And on the nose this breed must have a butterfly-shaped spot.

Another colored strip runs all the way back along with several spots on the hips. The marks can be blue or black, which are the only two varieties for the Checkered Giant.

The marks must be clear and easy to see, which implies a short coat. Has the rest of the body can only be white.

Checkered Giants have a short hair and easy to care for. Combing with a brush is fine, unless than it do not require it..


Checkered giant rabbit is a rabbit that is used mainly to show on show. And it is not well valued as human consumption, it is also one of the few races that have such a marked pattern.

In addition many people decide to have this pet and this is because this breed has a peaceful nature.

Another characteristic for which people raise her as a pet is because they are quite playful.

Males are those that tend to have an aggressive behavior, however there are few cases that have been presented.


Since the Checkered giant rabbit is a breed that is uses mainly as an exhibition breed, its feeding must be based on pellets.

Similarly, it is recommended that the diet be accompanied by hay, as this will work as a dietary supplement. You may also like to read Silver Fox Rabbit.

Special Characteristics:

Checkered Giant Rabbit have a temperamental and easily assimilated. Although usually large breeds are kept doing nothing and become obese.

In contrast, Checkered giant rabbit is a highly active species, which needs space to run. This breed is often easily confuse with the English Spot breed since both breeds have spots around the body.

What the differences is that the Checkered Giant rabbit have spots on the sides of the hindquarters. While the English spot rabbit has spots from the cheeks to the hips.

And the main characteristic that the differences that the checkered giant has a butterfly-shaped spot on the nose.

Any stain that presents this race at the height of the shoulders is consider as disqualification in the exhibition contests.

The people who breed this breed by exhibition have to keep in mind that not all breeds will be born with the distinctive marks of the breed.

Usually half of the litter will be born unicolor. And rabbits that are born with denote marks have the nickname Charlie.

Since the butterfly-shaped birthmark of the nose resembles Charlie Chaplin’s mustache. You may also like to read English Spot Rabbit.

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