American Sable Rabbit: The Most Beautiful Rabbit In The World

The American Sable rabbit is one of the most stunningly beautiful breeds in existence – but where did it come from? This sweet and gentle-natured rabbit has a fascinating history that traces its roots back to purebred Chinchilla rabbits. Not only is this breed eye-catching gorgeous, but they are also known for their loving personalities and even temperaments. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the story behind these gorgeous furry friends, highlighting how they got their name and why American Sable Rabbit owners always speak so highly of this spectacular creature. Whether you’re looking for a new furry companion or simply want to learn more about an interesting animal species, the Sable Rabbit is sure to charm your heart!

History & Origin

American Sable rabbits are American-bred bunnies with a long history. Dating back to the 1920s, this breed was developed as colored throwbacks from purebred Chinchilla rabbits. Although originally bred in England and Germany, breeders in the United States started producing their Rabbits in the 1920s, successfully creating a breed recognized by ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) and eventually classified as a distinctly American breed. For nearly a century now American Sables have remained popular amongst rabbit owners due to their thick coat of fur, various colors, and gentle temperament — an enduring legacy of American breeding work!


American Sable Rabbits are incredibly unique in the rabbit world since this breed can trace its roots back to purebred Chinchilla. American Sables have luxurious fur that varies in color from a rich mahogany sable to an almost orange-tinted sandy rabbit. They range from 3-10 lbs and have medium to large frames, with full cheeks and round faces. Their inquisitive disposition makes them great pets for those who are new to owning rabbits or want a companion they can interact with! American Sables are not only prized for their physical beauty but also due to their gentle and docile nature; they make ideal house pets.


American Sable Rabbits are one of the most popular breeds in the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). As such, they have some specific dietary needs. American Sable Rabbits need a diet that is high in nutrition with plenty of hay and fresh vegetables to get the proper nutrients. For optimal health, Sable Rabbits should also be given pelleted feed and small amounts of fresh fruits as treats. Keep in mind that American sables are highly active rabbits, so it’s important to ensure you’re feeding them enough for their activity level. With proper feeding, American sables can live up to 10 years or more!


American Sable rabbits have been used in various capacities since they began appearing in American households. Originally bred as a color variety of Chinchilla rabbits, American Sables soon grew to become highly prized by rabbit enthusiasts. American Sables are now considered one of the most popular breeds for the show due to their distinctive coats and docile temperaments. They also make fantastic companions and are relatively low maintenance compared to other larger breeds. All in all, Sable rabbits offer a lot as far as usage; from showing to pet ownership, American Sables offers a wonderful option for an increasingly popular animal.

Special Feature

The American Sable Rabbit is an iconic breed, with unique and eye-catching fur that stands out among other rabbit breeds. The American Sable Rabbit can trace its roots to the Chinchilla breed, with its signature throwbacks of colored fur giving it a truly distinctive appearance. Its recognition by the American Rabbit Breeders Association has ensured this breed’s place as one of the most popular domesticated animals around the world. From its soft, velvety fur that comes in various shades of color to its playful personality and adaptability to different environments, the Sable Rabbit is certainly worth checking out if you’re looking for a special pet!


American Sable Rabbits are a beautiful and friendly pet. Apart from the occasional grooming and attention, owning an American Sable Rabbit also comes with certain responsibilities such as providing them with proper nutrition and housing. For optimal health, American Sable Rabbits require a diet comprised of hay, fresh vegetables, and a small amount of store-bought feed or grains. Additionally, American Sable Rabbits should be given a warm enclosure where they can live that has enough space for them to hop, run around, stretch out, lounge in bedding materials, and “hide” in huts or boxes. Ensuring your American Sable Rabbit has the proper nutrition and living accommodations is essential for them to stay happy and healthy!

Showing Your American Sable Rabbit

American Sable Rabbits are a beloved and long-standing breed, having been recognized by the American Rabbit Breeder’s Association since 1910. Whether you have been breeding American Sable Rabbits for years or you have only recently welcomed them to your family, competing at ARBA shows can be a great way to show off their elegant coats and characteristic postures. Preparing an American Sable Rabbit for these coveted events requires more than just vaccinating and brushing–they’ll also need proper nutrition, daily health checks, and constant practice for standing still during judging. By following all of the appropriate steps you can ensure that your American Sable is in top condition for these competitions and make sure their personality shines through, giving you the best chance of winning those ribbons!

Bonding Tips & Tricks

Keeping American Sable rabbits can be an incredibly rewarding experience. From their soft, fluffy fur to their gentle nature, they are wonderful pet that can bring joy and happiness into your life. Bonding with American Sable rabbits is an important part of establishing a lasting relationship between you and your pet. Taking the time to get to know them better helps to create a strong connection that ensures enjoyable companionship for both of you. Tips such as spending quality time with them, providing daily handling and brushing, providing positive reinforcement when they show good behavior, and promoting healthy nutrition are key steps in forming a safe bond with American Sable rabbits that will tickle their heart – and yours!

Grooming Your American Sable Rabbit

American Sable rabbits are a unique breed covered in silvery and dark fur. If you own a sable rabbit, you want to ensure that your pet is always looking its best! Since American Sable Rabbits are known for their long-haired coats, daily brushing is necessary to prevent fur mats and overgrowth. At least once a month, check your rabbit’s nails and claws – they may need trimming if the tips of them curl or grow too long. To complete the look, keep your American Sable’s fur clean by bathing it or using dry shampoo every couple of months or when necessary. Anything else your American Sable rabbits will need simply depends on how much time and effort you plan to put into their upkeep – but with a few simple steps, keeping your American Sable Rabbit groomed will be a piece of cake!

Ensuring a Healthy Life

American Sable Rabbits are a beautiful breed of rabbit recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association. To keep your American Sable in optimal health and ensure they have a long, happy life they must receive regular veterinary care. This includes vaccinations to ensure they are protected from preventable diseases, as well as visits to the vet if they become sick or injured. It is also important to provide your American Sable with fresh water and food, proper shelter, safe toys to play with, and regular exercise. Taking these steps will not only help you avoid costly medical bills in the future but will also give your American Sable Rabbit many years of joy and companionship with their loving family!


Are American Sable rabbits good pets?

American Sable rabbits are one of the most popular pet rabbit breeds for many reasons! They are known for their friendly personalities, intelligence, and luxurious coats. Since they tend to be gentle, calm, and inquisitive animals, American Sables make great companion pets that can easily adapt to various lifestyles and environments.

What are American Sable rabbits used for?

American Sable rabbits are a unique breed of animal that have been bred over many generations. These beautiful animals have become increasingly popular as family pets and show animals due to their even temperament and elegant look. Their fur is also prized for its softness and shine, making it quite sought after among breeders.

Are American Sable rabbits rare?

Yes, American Sable rabbits are rare. The American Sable Rabbit was first developed in the United States in the late 1950s and is part of a family of breeds referred to as “Californian-style” rabbits. In comparison to other rabbit breeds, it has an uncommon coloring that makes it relatively hard to find. This breed’s distinct coat color consists of a deep seal brown base topped with orange tips over its entire body, which gives off a sable-like appearance.


The American Sable Rabbit is truly an amazing breed that has been around since the early 1900s and it shows no signs of going anywhere. With their unique coloring, appealing personality, and robust nature these animals make a perfect addition to any rabbit-loving family. They require careful attention when it comes to caring for them, with plenty of commitment, attention, and dedication given to ensure a long and healthy life for your pet. If you believe that you can provide the necessary love, care and attention a rabbit needs then the American Sable Rabbit is most definitely the pet for you! Make sure to prepare for any ARBA shows as these bunnies are sought after nationally and their unique coloration could be your ticket into stardom!

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