Turopolje Pig-Breed and Characteristics of Turopolje Pig


The Turopolje Pig is a race of Croatian origin, even the name of this species is associated with its place of origin.

The place that gave rise to this race is in the center of Croatia, in the south. It was not until the 14th century when this race came to Croatia.

And this race was the result of crossing the Sisak race which is an extinct race, along with the Berkshire breed, which is a regional breed in Europe.

turopolje pig

Although there are studies that show that the origin of this race is because it was a mixture of many races, including Sisak and Berkshire.

It was not until the beginning of the 60s when this race began to diminish. Since people preferred other breeds that would produce meat with greater flavor to lean.

Even when there was a war in Yugoslavia, this race continued to decrease its number almost to its extinction. Of the few individuals that managed to survive its near extinction.

This individual was exported to Austria where they were able to reproduce but with some difficulty.

Today, although there are not a large number of individuals of this breed, farmers in Austria and Croatia struggle to keep this breed reproducing without affecting the number of individuals. You may also like to read Swedish Landrace pig


The Turopolje Pig is a medium-size breed. The male of this breed is usually larger than the female and can reach between 220 and 250 Kg.

While the females of this breed weigh between 170 and 200 Kg. Turopolje Pig is a breed that can be easily identified and this is because it has a unique appearance.

This breed has a coat that can be white or gray and has black spots, which are not similar, becoming different sizes.

The fur is short, hard and without any shine. The back is straight, but it has a small back, and the head is lower after the small back.

Also, the head of this breed is large and the forehead is broad, with small wrinkles on it.

The whole head is the same width, and it is somewhat bulky, which makes it look like it is swollen. This breed had an ear of this breed are large, which are dropped.

The legs of this race are somewhat thick and have the same length both the front and rear legs.

In addition, the females of this breed have up to 12 tits, which perfectly covers the litter size.

It is a very fertile breed, can have up to 5 offspring per litter. Which denotes the excellent maternal instinct that has this breed. You may also like to read Poland China pig

The breeding period of this breed is between 3 and 5 weeks, which is perfect for the young to develop and acquire weight.


The Turopolje Pig is a double purpose breed. Although its use varies according to the country where this breed is raised. For example, in Austria, this breed produces only for butter production.

While in Croatia their country of origin this breed is used for the production of meat, especially for the production of salami.


The Turopolje Pig is a breed that has no food restrictions. This breed can be fed outdoors, feeding on what it gets in the environment.

In the same way, the feeding of this race can be completed with grains, cereals, and other nutrients that help you gain weight.

Special Characteristics:

Something for which the farmers lost their interest, besides that the meat of this species is not as lean as others, it is because it has a very slow growth,

Even this breed gets to develop well is at 2 years of age.

This breed is very resistant, it can resist being in different types of climates, and in really extreme conditions, besides it adapts easily.

The durability of this breed also extends to its longevity, since this breed can live for many years.

One of the main reasons why this breed ceased to attract attention is that white-coated breeds supplied certain needs in the market.

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