Poland China Pig: The History of the American Breed

The origin of Poland China pig has its beginning in the valley of Miami, the butler and the counties of Warren, Ohio. It is a breed of swine originating in the United States, specifically the state of Ohio. The Poland China pig was raised by two important requirements, the size and also that they could walk great distances. They were driven to the market and in some cases were forced to travel almost a hundred kilometers.

Between 1816 and 1835 the swine industry in southwestern Ohio had great momentum, due to the beneficial effects of this breed. The Poland China pig of today is recognized as a large framed. Since it is a full-bodied, lean, and muscular individual that leads to the production of US pork. It is not known what this population was or where it came from. But it is known that many settlers who entered the Miami Valley at an early date brought pigs from different areas. It is affirmed that its name is due to the influences that a Polar boar had on the breed.

Poland China Pig

In any case, the Poland China pig origin is given by the crossing of primitive pigs from that region with Chinese breeders at the beginning. And later they crossed with Russians, Irish, Berkshire, and Essex at last until they get the current type.

Characteristics of Poland China Pig

The animals of the Chinese Poland race are attractive in color, with a black coat with white on all four legs, on the snout and on the tip of the tail. The profile is concave while the ears are Iberian. Its outstanding characteristics are the reproductive ones being the regular productive ones. It is one of the largest pig breeds. The absence of one of these spots, the extension of the same or those that appear in other parts of the body.

Unless they exceed 15-10%, are not objectionable. However, the excess of white diminishes at the time of classifying the specimen. They present a long and deep body. With an extensive and wide back, the back does not form a perfect arch, but it moves towards the hips. Presenting a short and inclined rump. Natural strength and chunky structure are important practical features in the production of pork.

And the ability of Chinese Poland to adapt to almost any environment, from pasture to total enclosure. These characteristics will ensure the popularity of the breed. The female can weigh between 290 and 425 kg. While the males come to pear between 380 and 450 kg. approximately. So it is classified as a specialized maternal race. They are precocious and transmit this characteristic well. You may also like to read Mukota Pig

The number of piglets per litter is 8 and 10 on average. Although there was a time when this breed came to produce litters was between 16 and 17 pups. The channel yield is 83%, the combination of maximum hybrid vigor, structural integrity and a high percentage of fat-free muscle make Modern Poland an option for the producer of pork.


Poland China pig has long been known for the quality of carcasses with a high percentage of lean meat. And this has been confirmed by the results obtained in the National Production Exhibition of Castrated Pigs. In Poland China pig a combination can be used for maximum hybrid vigor, structural integrity and a high percentage of fat-free muscle. This is perfect for the offspring of this breed, in addition, that the descendants tend to have a coat of black color.


Poland China pig feeds easily and excellent conditions of good attention and management are obtained. It is not a race that likes to feed only on the pasture. That is why farmers tend to feed them in stables. You may also like to read Norwegian Landrace pig

Special Features

The Poland China pig is a very calm race in its dispositions and they are resistant in their constitutions. The breed is known for having very important bones and for the sound emitted by its feet and legs. Poland China has established its reputation and is still popular in commercial pigs. And it bears witness to the fact that it is a race that is not criticized for the impossibility of increasing large litters. It is a special breed for hot weather; however, it has not been very popular, perhaps because it is a little bit of a shepherd.

Although an excess of white in color does not object to the record, it is an animal that is little appreciated by breeders and judges of competitions. Long, narrow and short heads are objectionable. It is very common for the pig farmers to take the Poland China breed as a parental component in their farms being a terminal crossing. This is because the dark color is dominated by the second race. In this way, the pig producer can give the butcher the color he prefers and the quality of the channel he demands.


Poland China pigs are a rare breed of pig that was originally bred in Ohio over 100 years ago. This article has given you some insights into the history and also the breeding requirements for this type of swine, as well as which markets they’re typically sold to. If you have any additional questions about these animals or would like more information on how we can help with your livestock needs, please reach out! We hope this guide has helped you better understand what it takes to raise a successful Poland China pig farm and provide our readers with valuable knowledge about raising one of America’s oldest agricultural breeds. Good luck if you decide to start farming these unique creatures!

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