Thuoc Nhieu Pig- Uses of Nhieu Pig


The Thuoc Nhieu pig is a breed whose origin is from Vietnam. This breed was created in the early ’30s with the crossing of the Yorkshire breeds and the Boxu breed.

Although it is also assured that the origin of this breed was made by the crossing of some local pigs with a cerdps breed from China.

The descendants of these races arrived in Vietnam in the 30s and crossed paths with a French race that is now extinct, which was the Craonnais.

Of all these crosses originated the race Thuoc Nhieu pig, and it was not until the late 30’s when the characteristics of this breed were established.

thuoc nhieu pig

Characteristics of Thuoc Nhieu Pig:

The Thuoc Nhieu pig is a medium-size breed. The weight of this race is between 120 and 160 Kg.

When this breed reaches 10 months of age it can weigh 100 Kg. In addition, the coat of this breed is short and very close to the body and is justify white.

Another advantage of this breed is that it has a very fast growth. And reaches up to 500 grams of weight per day. You may also like to read Guinea Hog pig.

That is why this breed has an excellent feed conversion, in addition to taking advantage of everything they eat. Even if it is not the most appropriate food and transforms it into weight.

The legs of this breed are really thick and quite meaty. The hind legs are a little higher than the front legs, making the body of this breed slightly inclined.

This breed has enough meat and the body looks somewhat round. While the loin is fairly straight and has a slight inclination.

The face is big and thick enough and tilted down. The belly of this race stands out a little.

This breed has medium-size ears, and they are inclined upwards, which makes them look attentive, and they are very sensitive to noise.

While the tail is short, and is thin, and has a small curve, and looks like a perfect e. It is a breed that is very fertile and can give up to 2 births in the year.

The litters of this race are of great size, and they get to be of 8 to 10 young by litter. Something that is characteristic of the females of this breed is that they are very maternal.

Usage of Thuoc Nhieu Pig:

The Thuoc Nhieu pig is a double purpose breed. This breed is used not only for meat production but also for litter production.

Although this breed has a good production of meat. It is not as well known nor as popular as other breeds in the area.

The good thing about this breed is that it produces a lot of meat, and since it is very fertile, they also use it to reproduce.

The reason why farmers use this breed for personal consumption, in small farms.

Food of Thuoc Nhieu Pig:

The Thuoc Nhieu pig is a breed that is used to feeding under intensive grazing systems. So this breed can feed outdoors, and take advantage of everything that is in the environment that surrounds it. You may also like to read Welsh pig.

This breed can eat grass, vegetables, leaves, roots. There are some farmers who also raise this breed in stables, and feed them with hay and alfalfa, and other nutrients.

Special features:

One of the outstanding features of the Thuoc Nhieu pig breed is that they adapt easily to strong climates.

The habitat of origin of this race is in a tropical area so that over time they have adapted to survive in places with a lot of heat.

In addition, this race is resistant, being able to survive not only to high temperatures with a lot of heat, but also to feed in hard conditions and equal to be able to develop well.

Another characteristic of this breed that stands out is that they are resistant to diseases, and this quality is transferred to their descendants.

This, added to the fact that they are a very resistant breed, makes it a perfect breed to breed in family farms.

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