Krskopolje Pig: A Breed Intended for High-Quality Meat

The Krskopolje pig is a breed that is native to Slovenia, and today you can still find that breed in that country. In general, this race was located in the northeast of the country. This breed was created in an area that is very wide, which has very extensive valleys. It is a very old race, is present in the nineteenth century. In addition to historical evidence where this breed is mentioned, and consider one of the most popular breeds. This breed became well known for having a good quality in its meat, although this breed was not produced in high quantities. 

After the Second World War, the farms became the state and were used to produce food. That is why the farms were used for meat production. However, the Krskopolje pig breed was replaced on many farms to produce imported breeds, since they were more productive. The Krskopolje pig is the only native breed in Slovenia. Although previous to this race there was a race of darker color, however with the passage of time it was crossed with clearer races.

Krskopolje pig

Characteristics of Krskopolje Pig

The Krskopolje pig is a large breed. Usually, when this race is adult it weighs between 250 and 300 Kg. The coat of this breed is 2 colors, beige and black, it is short and it is soft. The head and back of the breed are black, while the front legs and head down are beige. This breed has large ears, and with a drop, and black, which reach to cover the eyes and approach the snout. Both the front legs and the hind legs of these breeds are long so that the back remains at the same level.

While the tail of this race is short, thin, and spiral, which is direct downward. In general, this breed has good feed conversion, in addition to having a good appetite. This breed has a medium-fertility rate. Although they can produce up to 10 offspring in a litter, and the percentage of offspring that die after breastfeeding is low, surviving up to 8 offspring. The breeding period of this breed becomes between 5 and 6 weeks. The females of this breed come to give birth when they are 1 year old. In all their life they can produce up to more than 30 deliveries.


The Krskopolje pig this race is a dual purpose. Mainly it uses for the production of its meat since it is of excellent quality. In addition, the meat of this breed is also used for the production of sausages, such as ham and sausages. The second reason why this race is produced is because of the fat content of its meat since it is used for butter production.


The Krskopolje pig is a breed that keeps feeding itself with intensive grazing. Although it can resist in cold climates, in winter it is fed to the air, and in stables. Just as it eats leaves, grass, some vegetables, cereals, grains, and roots, it also feeds on hay and fodder.

Special Features

The Krskopolje pig is a resistant breed that has adapted to survive in very cold climatic zones. In addition, it can have a good feed conversion even if it is fed with easily digest food. The number of the Krskopolje pig race has declined, however, today there are at least 5,000 individuals of this breed. This population is found in at least 90 farms in Slovenia. In addition, farmers in the area have fought for the race to reoccur at the national level, and thus become popular. You may also like to read Dutch Landrace pig 

This breed has come to cross with other species that today are few individuals of this breed that are pure. People to find pure breeds should go to remote places in Slovenia. Even the result of some crosses that were made with other breeds was eliminated from the race Krskopolje pig. Since they lost many characteristics of the breed. Due to these crosses, the descendants have resulted in coats with color variations, as well as differences in size and weight. You may also like to read Gloucestershire Old Spots pig

There was a time, where this race was raised where the individuals of this race had an overgrowth. And something that is striking is that in a course of 50 years, from 50 to early 2000, this race decreased its size. However, there were things that improved, such as width, weight, and height, which increased. Likewise, the skin was thinner and became thicker. And being an autochthonous race, and unique in the region, this race began to conserve both by the farmers and by the government of that country.


Slovenia is a country in Europe that has interesting breeds of pigs. The Krskopolje pig was originally bred for quality meat, not quantity production. They are native to the northeast region of Slovenia and were created in an area with extensive valleys. This breed became well known because it had good qualities despite being produced in lower quantities than other races. If you want more information about this particular race or breeds from Slovenia, be sure to check out our blog post on Slovenian Pigs!

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