Crocodile Farming Requirements: Best Steps to Start in Crocodile Farming

The main thing that someone who wants to start in Crocodile farming requirements is money since the investment to carry out this project is high. The first 5 years will be completely investment. After having done a lot of work is to start seeing the profits of the business. It must also have spaces that are ideal for breeding crocodiles, however, if space is not appropriate it can be modified.

Another thing you should do is investigate since according to the country where you are in, you will have certain regulations for both breeding and exporting. In addition, the breeder has to see if the geographical conditions in which the future breeder is found are suitable for crocodile breeding. Since if it is in cold places, they are not the most appropriate for crocodile breeding. These animals are adapted to live in warm climates. So below are certain requirements that farmers must meet in order to raise crocodiles.

Crocodile farming requirements

Laws and Regulations

There are countries such as Australia that have been regulating for more than 30 years. Where they establish the parameters for commercial crocodile production. There are also countries in which the commercialization of these species is prohibited since they can be endangered animals. Also, there are places where crocodile hunting is punishable by law. That is why people who are interested in crocodile breeding should do a thorough investigation.

The most advisable thing is that they are advised by a lawyer who knows about the environmental field. Only in this way, the farmer would be informed of the permits and licenses he must have to be able to raise or produce crocodiles. You may also like to read Crocodile farming in Australia


There are a decision that farmers must make is to decide what type of farm they will have. For example, there are farms where, in addition to working to reproduce, they also work for raising eggs, incubation, and taking care of the young. As well as there are farms that within their structure have a fattening area. Which are responsible for feeding, and that can gain weight. There are farms that have the proper permit and also have a good method of breeding, which in addition to state agencies are responsible for selling the offspring.

Structures of Crocodile Farming Requirements

If your goal is crocodile breeding, from hatching to birth, you will need a large area. In general, at least 700 to 1.000 square meters are needed, where the refrigerator, freezer as well as a storage space can be located. On the other hand, if you want an area for the offspring, you will need between 400 and 600 square meters.

In general, this area has an area with a sufficiently wide slab of concrete. The slab must be crossed by pipes, which allow the passage of water. In this way when the concrete is heat it can be regulated with the passage of water. There are people who include water pumps in the design, for better water circulation.

On the other hand, when it is a corral area, it has to be like a swimming pool. As a rule, the pool does not become very deep. The pools are between 0.30 and 0.50 meters high. And have a slope that is directed towards the drain, which makes them better cleaned. In addition, the pens have to have a perimeter fence formed between blocks and fenced.

The height of the wall of blocks must be between 0.80 and 1 meter high, this makes crocodiles can not climb. And on top of this wall, a fence of 1.5 meters high limits the area to the crocodiles and does not allow them to escape. However, farmers must check according to the country they are in if there is a regulation that determines the size of the pens.

In the same way, these regulations also determine the number of crocodiles that the corrals can abeldar. According to the dimensions of the pen and the size of the crocodiles. If more crocodiles are placed, that is, an overpopulation according to a certain area, the crocodiles will get stressed. Therefore, the animal tends to produce dark or discolored spots on the skin, which causes the value of the skin to decrease. That is why the breeder must respect the number of crocodiles according to the size of the area.


There are 2 possibilities to feed the crocodiles, this is the diet based on granules, and the diet based on meat. But it is the decision of the farmer as he wishes to feed the crocodiles. In general, farmers tend to feed crocodiles with a mixed diet, which is half with granules, and half is based on meat. As for meat, farmers usually associate with food-producing farms and buy meat waste because it is cheaper. The amount of food will depend on the age of the crocodile.

When this species is in its first year they require more frequent feeding. When it is about 3 years old, this species eats between certain intervals of the day. And when it is an adult race, it feeds once a week. Crocodiles should not be overfed as this will cause some diseases, but it can be cured. In addition, crocodiles tend to respect the schedule of the meal. So it can not be disturbed sooner or later as this makes them stressed. That is why the breeders should not link the cleaning schedule of the pens with the feeding ones.


By following Crocodile farming requirements you not only ensure that the product is of good quality. But also avoid that breeders have problems at the legal level. Breeders in addition to these requirements must have staff specialized in crocodile breeding. Since that will guarantee better care of the young, and that way you will not have accidents. Provided you have the permits, the structures, and the necessary care, in addition to raising crocodiles can designate the farms as zoos which will attract tourism.

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