Snail Farming

The process where snails are raised for production is known as heliciculture. There is a system for the production of snails and this is called as a mixed system of heliciculture, that system that comes from the systematized generation of the natural and biological cycle of the snail, this system comprises techniques for the development of breeding is complete In each of its stages of development.

This type of system is used in a fully controlled environment which is developed in a space divided into 2 parts, an open space (open field system, also called or known as an extensive system) and a closed space (closed system also known as Enclosure or intensive system), that is to say the combination of both systems of heliciculture converts what we call the Mixed system of the heliciculture.

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This potential mixed system of heliciculture works as follows, the open space is for the fattening of snails. Outer parks such as those used for the life cycle are often used. Greenhouses are where this task is done.

In the cerrado the processes of reproduction are developed, the heated incubation as an insulating medium of the external environment. The optimum temperature and humidity conditions will be achieved here.

Fundamentally the mixed system of heliciculation is based on the artificial modification, it stands out from the time or cycle of reproduction provided it occurs under controlled environmental conditions, with a humidity at day 70% and at night 90% And minimum temperature of 15 ° and maximum of 18 °, with a light period of approximately minimum 18 and maximum 20 hours (from 5 to 7 hours of darkness), in this way reduces the costs for the systems of air conditioning and the hours of maintenance.

With this excellent method is sought to artificially modify the rhythm of the snail, getting chicks ready quickly and once obtained they become flattened to accelerate their growth respecting their biological cycles in which they continue to respect the naturalness in their development, in addition, to avoid Expose predators and major climatological changes that can harm the life of snails.

For this reason, we achieved with this artificial method to achieve the profitability and the safe growth and development of the hatchlings during all its phases, this system is the one that is most recommended, being the most suitable for this type of activities.

Feeding of snails:

The ideal and balanced diet that has been proven is based on making a mixture of calcium carbonate, corn and/or wheat flour, cauliflower leaves, lettuce, and carrot. All this you must liquefy with a little water until it takes very thick consistency.

Of course, all good food entails strict hygiene rules, since a poorly maintained nursery can adversely affect the health of snails, especially when food is deposited under these conditions and they eat it.

For this reason, the maintenance and care of the heliciculture must be continually used, such as cleaning the box, washing it with water a maximum of 3 times a week and placing fresh food.

To have a better control, you must have an average of one hundred snails per square meter, said installation can be divided into several groups of snails.

For example in a section the breeding snails, in another section the snails for fattening and so you can group them according to their state, phase or development.

The activity of raising snails, and employing the maintenance and care in the heliciculture allows you to start an excellent business of your own since a hatchery can be set up in small spaces with a minimum initial investment.

Sources of income to be generated:

To market snails, whether shells, meats or snails, it is better than you have other spaces inside the hatchery to be able to classify them correctly.

In the case of wanting to generate the reproduction of snail slime, you must use the maintenance and care in the heliciculture and have another internal space to purge the snails and to extract their drool.

For a small-scale hatchery, you can opt for untreated wooden boxes, plastic or glass. Covered with a fabric to create half shadow and having as a pussy 50 x 40 x 20 cm. (Dimensions of its length, width, and height).

These can be stacked on top of each other and have in your hatchery, several boxes or several classifications of snails, depending on the number of snails that are reproducing and expand the snails breeding business.

Slime breeding snails:

To obtain this, you must make the selection of snails that must comply with at least eight months of age, (maximum any age).

You should also not omit that they have more than seven grams of weight, that they are not in hibernation period, and that they do not have injuries in its shell.

Relationship of the shell to the production of drool

Having a malfunction in its shell means that the snail is not feeding well and expires calcium in your body.

Which is not convenient because the drool that can produce, would not have active the medicinal and healing properties of the spiral drool.

The quality of the snails of a snail depends on the physical state of the snails, and not only on their snails, changes directly influence the environment where they develop, their food, climate, temperature, hygiene, ie everything related to maintenance and Care in the heliciculture.

For this reason, snails must be physically healthy and do not contain strong odors.

With having snails selected, that approve these conditions, the extraction of the slime is a feasible business to commercialize.

Snails must be selected in order to take them to the purging process (which is when you squeeze snails isolated from the rest of the others) to avoid depositions that could contaminate the drool that they will reproduce.

During this process, you should strictly avoid eating food for a period of approximately 7 days, (do not prohibit water), then take them to another clean or pollution-free space, to be able to do the extraction and sterilize the drool Snail to later market it.

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