Wuzhishan Pig: The Origin of Wuzhishan Pig

The Wuzhishan pig is a breed that has its origin in China, specifically in the province of Hainan. In the province where this breed is raised, it is an area that is surrounded by mountains and is very far from other regions. There in that region are few farmers who are dedicated to raising this breed for its production. This is because there are other races that call them more attention for this purpose.

Wuzhishan pigs are a breed of pig that is famous for their unique taste and history. It was originally bred on Wuzhishan mountain in China, hence the name. The meat from this breed is not only used to make delicious dishes such as suckling pig with rice wine and pickled vegetables, but it also contains a high amount of omega 3 fatty acids which help reduce cholesterol levels. This article will explore the origins of the Wuzhishan Pig, how it’s different from common breeds of pigs today, what makes it so special, and where you can find out more about this incredible animal!

Wuzhishan pig

Characteristics of Wuzhishan Pig

The Wuzhishan pig is a small breed. Although it is a small breed, it is a very long breed. Both the male and the female of this breed have the same weight and the same size. These breeds weigh about 30 to 35 Kg. And can measure between 50 and 70 centimeters, with a height between 30 and 45 centimeters. The coat of this race is black in most of its body, although it also has white fur on the abdomen and legs.

The legs of this species are very long. While the snout is long and pointed. But the head and chest are more compact than the extremities. Usually, the male of this breed is sacrificed once mated is slaughtered. The females of this breed can have at least 2 births a year. And the period of lactation usually lasts between 3 and 6 weeks. You may also like to read Swedish Landrace pig

This breed is sexually active at an early age, it can mate for the first time at 2 months of age. And it is the males who mature the fastest at the mating level. On the other hand, the first pregnancy is at 3 or 4 months. In addition, this breed is known as an essential animal as a medical model.


The Wuzhishan pig is a double-purpose breed. This breed is used for meat production, although not commercially. Only a few farmers raise this breed and use it for personal consumption. Another use that they give to this breed is at the laboratory level since this breed can be cured quickly after being subjected to surgery. This is why they use it in laboratories to remove embryos.  In addition, at an international level, this breed has been investigated because it has interesting germplasm.


The Wuzhishan pig is a breed that is in a very fruitful area, which means it has a good diet. That is why the few farmers who raise this breed feed it with rice, peanuts, and sweet potatoes, as well as other vegetables that are available in the area. Likewise, this breed can feed this breed with cereals and grains. There are some farmers who let this breed feed on the grass near the farm where it is raised. But they supplement this diet with other nutrients.

Special Features

Nowadays, several cares need to maintain the Wuzhishan pig. And is that the population of individuals of this race is very small, there are about 30 individuals. And only 3 males of this breed. It is a breed that has adapted to the different climates of the region, becoming able to live in very hot climates as well as cold climates.

In the same way, when this race lives in the open, it survives to survive heavy rains. Another reason why this breed is raised is in programs to be able to carry out research on biological materials. They have raised a special inbred litter, which is used in laboratories, a small litter of 4 females and 4 males. Which has represented the inbreeding reproduction of large animals in history. Also, this breed has been for the study of porcine endogenous retroviruses.


If you’ve been looking for a new breed of pig to raise on your farm, the Wuzhishan Pig is definitely worth checking out. The origins and history are fascinating, as it was originally bred in China on a mountain. It has different health benefits than other breeds of pigs due to its high amount of Omega 3 fatty acids which help reduce cholesterol levels, but that doesn’t mean this animal isn’t delicious! You can find recipes like suckling pig with rice wine and pickled vegetables or crispy-skinned pork belly here that will be sure to satisfy any meat lover’s taste buds.

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