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Simmental cattle is the second most popular race in the world, originally from the Simme valley in Switzerland.

The Simmental breed gets its name from its original place. And the letters “tal” comes from the German which translates into the valley. That is why the name of this species means Valley of the Simme.

This valley is located where the Simme river flows in the central and western part of Switzerland where its climate is cold and where there is alpine and subalpine vegetation that offers excellent meadows.

There are traces of it in the Middle Ages and evidence of selection since the seventeenth century.

But it was until 1862 that the Swiss government defined the breeding principles in a purity of race and began inscription in the genealogical book.

In 1870 the modern race is conforming with exports to Austria and Germany.

Characteristics Details of Simmental Cattle:

Simmental cattle is a breed a good size breed with a height at the cross in adult bulls of 150-158 cm. an average adult weight of 1000 kg. The cows measure up to 138 -142 cm. with the average adult weight of 750 kg.

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They are of good length and musculature, characterized by their good aplomb and closed hooves which allows their easy movement.

They are animals with high sexual precocity, total adaptation to pasture conditions, high longevity, meekness, excellent maternal ability, and adaptability.

The characteristic colors range from light yellow to dark cherry red. The European Simmental (Fleckvieh) is characterized by being of dual-purpose – meat and milk.

While the American Simmental, thanks to the selection process specialized only in the production of meat, retaining a good maternal ability.

In Latin America, bulls are Simmental pure grazing in all thermal floors from sea level to just over 3000 masl. The pure nuclei in Latin America are mainly of the 800 masl.

Due to its great adaptation and extraordinary results in crossbreeding with other breeds, it has positioned itself worldwide as the ideal breed for any type of crossbreeding.

Much of the breed’s economic success is thanks to its dairy performance. Since it combines a high production, the average of 6500 kg per lactation of 305 days.

Finding today many cows in Germany with productions over 10,000 kg per lactation. But with high-fat content (4 – 4.14%) and protein (3.7%) which also favors the production of first quality cheeses. You May Also Like To Read Angus Cattle.

And a premium in dairy companies that give additional incentives for quality in terms of total solids content. In females the udders are very close to the belly, they are of good conformation.

The nipples of good size and location which facilitate the milling work. Simmental cattle are suitable for crossing with other dairy breeds because it improves the quality of milk and udders without sacrificing quantity.

With a high resistance to mastitis expressed in a low somatic cell count. As a dual purpose breed, the meat component is important. It stands out for its high capacity for growth.

Also for having better muscle training especially in the parts of commercial value. Daily weight gains on average are 1,200 grams per day and more.

This breed achieves the weight for the sacrifice at an earlier age and with greater weights than the races traditionally used.

In addition, this breed produces tender and good-tasting meat. At the time of weaning calves maintain their constant growth curve. Its weight gain is faster, the finish is at an early age and greater profitability is achieved. You May Also Like To Read Dexter Cattle.


Simmental cattle have a high capacity of consumption and food conversion. Thanks to its adaptability to difficult conditions it takes advantage of both good forages and poor quality food. Reducing the chances of loss to the farmer.


Simmental cattle is a dual-purpose breed but with a greater tendency toward meat. Initially, it was of triple purpose (meat, milk, and work) but later, thanks to the selection it specialized in meat and milk.

It has good meat quality, without excess fat and with a channel performance percentage of 58.1% on average. You May Also Like To Read Hereford Cattle.

Special Characteristics:

Simmental cattle has characteristics of rusticity and adaptability to different environmental conditions.

Its high production allowed its rapid diffusion allowing that nowadays is the most popular race of Europe. It occupies the second place in the world after the breeds Cebuínas.

The set of characteristics of the breed improves the ability to compete against breeds specialized in their production.

And it offers lower costs for high meat production. It also has an accelerated growth, milk of excellent quality, good udders and hooves.

And strong and healthy limbs, ease of birth and prolonged shelf life. Simmental cattle is a breed that is found around the world, at least there are 40 million copies in the world.

While there are 5.5 million copies in Germany, Austria, Italy and the Czech Republic. And in Latin America, there are around 12.700 pure specimens. As A Reference: Wikipedia.


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