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Pigeons are one of the most popular kinds of pet birds in the world. The Lahore pigeon is a domestic fanciful pigeon and is known for its impressive colorful feather and size and modest nature.

It was originated from Lahore in Pakistan. It was in this area very long time. This pigeon and other varieties are descendants of the rock pigeon.

Then it goes to Germany about 1880. It got very popular among the ardent pigeon lover at the beginning of the1960s.

The most colorful Lahore pigeon generally found in Iran. In ancient Persia, once it was brought up for its meat, but today it brought up for its beautiful plumage.

Characteristics Details of Lahore pigeon:

Lahore pigeon is a medium size pigeon among the other pigeon. It is short and usually smaller than the King pigeon.

But it has very beautiful plumage that is colorful patterns. The main color of the body is of Lahore pigeon is white.

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Then other colors start at the joint of beak and wattle and spreading in an arc over the eyes and across the back and wings.

Their rump and tail are white colored. People pay their attention to the beautifulness of the head, neck, and wing marking in the pigeon shows.

The neck of the Lahore pigeon is hugely feathered that goes to a full broad chest. Their cheeks should be filled up at the tip of the beak should be blunt, broad and stout.

Their legs and feet are feathered and it looks like to be wearing a thick stocking. At present, the pigeon is bred in many colors that are blue, black, blue-bar, checkered and red. They are about 10.5 high about 11.5 inches long


The main food of Lahore pigeon is grain including barley, corn, millet, wheat etc. Firstly all the cereals I e corn, wheat, barley are readily eaten. It is full of carbohydrates and a small number of vitamins.


Barley is not a proper food for Lahore pigeon. So it should be avoided


Corn in which crude fiber is low, easily digestible and richest with fat is unavoidable one of the best pigeon foods. The pigeons love it. The loving factor is its hardness.

Corn should rattle with dryness. The various types of corn are closer to their nutritive value, but the red corn contains more vitamin A. Corn should them make up 25% of the feed.


There is much protein in millet whereas protein and fat are less in corn. For the rest of the seeds, it has competitively the same nutritive value as corn and Millet can also cover up to 25% of the feed.


Like the other pigeons, the Lahore pigeon likes to eat wheat. It takes is just as good as corn, because although it takes less fat, it is rich in protein and carbohydrate, which is not god biologically.

During the molt the Lahore pigeon need Sulphur and wheat is also rich in sulfur and for this, it is highly recommended to give to the molt.

Instantly harvested wheat should not be given directly because it can cause many hazards.

Wheat can make up 25% of the pigeon food, more is not recommended as wheat can cause the pigeons to gain weight.


Pigeon Trichomoniasis is another name of Pigeon Canker. It is a common disease that is caused by a protozoan is easily spread up from bird to bird but it is not able to survive any longer outside of a bird.

It spread up and passes from bird it bird when they share water bowls, exhibit billing with the pigeons and feed young pigeons crop milk.


As many other types of animals, Lahore pigeons can be attacked various kinds of worm.

It grows and lives in the digestive tract of pigeons. Worms can cause diarrhea, weakness, increased susceptibility to other diseases.

Sometimes you can see worms passed in the feces of a Lahore pigeon. They affected with worms from eating insects and ingesting contaminated droppings from other birds.

So it cannot be very easy to prevent your pigeon from getting worms. You may also like to read King Pigeon.


Coccidia’s has a similarity to worms. It is an intestinal protozoan and is found in Lahore pigeons or all pigeons and other animals and causes diarrhea weakness, loss of nutrient absorption, lethargy and weight loss.

Affected by Lice, Mites, and Flies. External parasites, such as lice, mites, and flies are a real bother to your pet Lahore pigeon.

These annoying pests not only bite and irritate your pigeon but they can also cause more serious damage.

Pigeon’s Respiratory Infections:

The very most contagious and stressed disease of Lahore pigeon is respiratory infection that is probably the most fearful problem that they face.

It is extremely contagious disease and awesome for the pigeon owners. Younger birds are most susceptible to infection.

The symptoms of Respiratory infection are difficult breathing and fly .They become less active and competing pigeons will perform poorly.

Various things can cause a respiratory infection in a Lahore pigeon including fungi, viruses, bacteria and mites.


Lahore pigeon are domesticated mainly for exhibition or show –purpose. They can be useful for the purpose of utility.

Special Characteristics:

The Lahore pigeon is very beautiful, gentle and shy natured bird. They can be tamed easily as they are docile temperament.

The bird is excellent for exhibition and as pets it is very good for raise. You may also like to read Rock Pigeon.

Profile of pigeon

Breed Name Lahore
Other Name None
Purpose  Exhibition, utility purpose, ornamental and pets.
Climate Tolerance Do well in native   climates
Flying Ability Average
Feather Color White body with different color markings
As Pets Very good
Rarity Normal
Country of Origin Pakistan

As a reference: Wikipedia


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