Rabbit Feed – Discovery of Rabbit Lifespan


Rabbit feed is most important of rabbit farming. Rabbits under 90 days should have food and water available throughout the day. They will be provided when they need it. When the rabbit is an adult, the food must be rationed. It must be varied between fruits, vegetables and a small part of dry matter such as balanced food, cereals, hay, etc.

Rabbit Feed:

You should eat a quantity of grams a day, which will vary (according to size, and if it is castrated) from 150gr to 250gr. This amount includes all the food that one usually gives the rabbit.

rabbit feed

Rabbits possess a rather peculiar digestive system since it works by push and not like other animals that work by contraction. This means that while the animal is eating, it pushes the rest of the food and digests the food. That’s why rabbits eat throughout the day and in small amounts of food. There are many types of food that the rabbit can ingest, be it varied fruits and vegetables, forages, cereals, and the indispensable balanced feed.

So that a rabbit can eat everything. It must be accustomed previously since it is not advisable to give too much food that is not used because you can cause diarrhea, and if the animal is young can die for it.

Rabbit Food:

You can give him a varied diet, which consists of fruits, bananas love and has a good source of potassium. You can also eat apples, oranges, mandarins, peel with melon and watermelon pulp, pears, kiwis, mangoes, pineapple in the shell, strawberries fascinate you, and all seasonal fruits you find on the market.

Regarding vegetables is not as varied as that of fruits, as there are some that do not like or even can do bad to your health.

For example chard, there are rabbits that eat it well, but generally, do not like. They are very fond of the leaves of the fennel, but their white claws devour them. Radicheta, beet leaves, chicory, various lettuce (not too much, tends to break them down a bit), spinach.

The carrot is usually a myth, since, in general, they do not like Bugs Bunny and chew it a little and leave it, although if you offer the carrot peels, you eat them very well, as well as the shells of Potato, sweet potatoes, zucchini, zuchinis, etc.

You can give him a cereal supplement, in a bowl other than the balanced food. Mixing oats in grain, finely broken corn, sorghum, wheat. Although the rabbits eat the cereals well, it can happen that when the rabbit is all mixed, it spreads out and runs out of cereals, because they are very selective and look for the grains they like best, and those who do not like them so much, they waste them. So it is advisable to put in your trough only a variety and that way eats what there is.

Balanced Food or Feed:

Balanced foods, apart from their good consistency and ease of handling, contain all the nutritional requirements, as they are supplemented with vitamin supplements, minerals and medicated additives, etc. All foods contain in different proportions certain principles like water, carbohydrates, proteins, oils, minerals and vitamins.

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy and heat of the animal body and accumulate in the same as fats.

Proteins are the substances from which muscles and hair are formed and replenished. Also, it is made from elements called amino acids, so they are so essential.

Oils or fats differ from carbohydrates since the proportion of carbon is much higher in oils. The energy value is higher than that found in carbohydrates.

Minerals are essential for the health of the rabbit, necessary for the repair and production of tissues, bones, teeth, etc. Among the essential minerals are calcium, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, sulfur, iodine, cobalt and zinc.

Other complements:

 Meadow grass, alfalfa, and other forages are very important for the health of the animal. It is good that they eat not only balanced food but raw fiber. If you release the rabbit in the park will be very happy, and start to the runs and jumps everywhere. It is that, not only do you feel free, but you also find that you can eat the grass. You have to be very careful with the excrement of dogs or cats. Do not eat contaminated grass, since you can catch a terrible coccidiosis. If the rabbit is small, it can even die if you do not catch it in time.


Sometimes rabbits tend to be obese because, in many cases, they live in departments, or even. When working their owners all day, they leave only at night for a little while.

The rabbit is enough to eat. They tend to overweight, and it is not very convenient either. When summer arrives it will suffer much more, and a heat stroke could end with him. So it is convenient in the case of an obese rabbit, change the type of food. To do this, we should look for a food with 15% protein, which for them would be slightly more light than a food with 17 or 18% protein, which should be supplemented with raw fiber, such as radicheta type vegetables, Lettuce, fennel, etc. And more fruits, not very sweet, avoid at that time bananas, and fruits of the tropical type with high sugar contents.


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