Ningxiang pig-The Seed of Ningxiang pig

The Ningxiang pig is a breed that comes from China in the central region. The climate in this area is subtropical.

This breed is also very recognized among farmers and has come to earn the name of being an agricultural treasure. Such recognition has only been taken by the lotus seeds and the bronze goose of that country.

It is even one of the few species that has earned such recognition, and the only one at the level of livestock that has taken that mark.

That recognition was granted by the Chinese trade, and the recognition is called a geological indication.


Ningxiang pig is one that is very old, the breeding of this breed began more or less 1000 years ago. In addition, the area where this race lives is fruitful enough, so that farmers often feed this race with the crops that are on the farms.


The Ningxiang pig is a breed that is very premature, which develops and grows very fast.In addition, this race is of great size. This breed has a black and white coat, so it is also known with the name as black and white big. A unique feature of this breed is that it has a collar of hair which is located around the neck which is silver. You may also read Minzhu pig

The coat is short and very close to the body, and without any shine, there are species of this breed that have more black color in the fur. Which extends through several areas of the body.

The back of this species has a slight curvature. In addition, the belly of this species is broad and becomes hanging.

Usually, the back of this species has a thickness of 4 centimeters. In addition, this breed is extremely fertile and produces large litters, litters can be up to 12 young per litter.

That is why females have 7 or 8 pairs of nipples, which is enough to keep each herd that produces.

Arriving to produce around 12 litters in all his life. This breed is able to breed between 3 and 4 months of age.

It is a race with a very calm character and can live the whole year stuck in a stable without presenting any problem. And is that in the area where this race inhabits the tradition is to raise pigs in stables.


The Ningxiang pig is a breed that is a single purpose. This breed is used for the production of meat, since the flavor of the meat is of good quality, and the good flavor is due to the healthy diet that this breed receives.

Even this race stands out among other races because of the quality that the meat possesses. Likewise, this breed is also used for the production of butter, because of the fat content it has.

Another reason why this breed is used is as a domestic breed since it has a calm character. Although scientists have used this race also to include it in studies since at a genetic level it has unique characteristics with organic resources.

Such studies have resulted in porcine endogenous retroviruses, of which about 11 genetic copies of this breed have been obtained. You may also read Neijiang pig

This breed has contributed a lot of information with which you can do additional studies related to the genetic mechanism.


The Ningxiang pig is a breed that uses to not look for its food but is fed by farmers. Throughout the year it is fed by hand. This quality allows farmers to place certain foods, and thus the quality of the meat is maintained.

And also that they are fed only organic products. That is why the diet of this breed is based on rice, cereals, and the great variety of green vegetables found in the area.

Special Characteristics:

The Ningxiang pig is a breed of excellent characteristics in terms of the taste of meat. Becoming a recognized breed worldwide, and this is due to the meat it produces, to its exquisite taste, and it is a meat that is easy to use.

However, this breed is now in danger of extinction, due to different factors that have affected the breed since the 1980s.

Although this breed can live quietly in a barn, they support different types of climates. These breeds can adapt perfectly to both a temperate climate and a warm climate.

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