Meishan Pig: A Chinese Pork Patriarch

The Meishan pig is the most widely raised breed of pig in China. This breed has been bred for generations to produce meat that contains little or no fat and can range from light pink to creamy white on its exterior, depending on how much it was fed during rearing. The story behind this unusual name comes from a county in Jiangsu Province called “Mei Shan”. For hundreds of years, there were many wild boars around Mei Shan which would often attack people’s homes when they’re hungry so these animals could be hunted down by hunters who have skills with weapons like bows/arrows as well as dogs trained specifically for hunting pigs – making them an efficient team.

Meishan pig is an interesting, unusual and older breed whose existence dates back 400 years, and is the oldest of all sebaceous breeds. The Meishan pig race was named in honor of the Chinese province, and they have often been called Chinese pigs. This area has a temperate climate.

Meishan Pig

Characteristics of Meishan Pig

Meishan Pig is a breed that takes time to grow, however, when it reaches its development it begins to grow and get fatter continuously. You can differentiate the Meishan Pig and this is due to how it looks, the skin in various regions of the body is wrinkled. The height of this species reaches between 60 cm. The chest is broad enough to measure 100 cm. You may also like to read Hampshire Pig.

The thickness of the skin of this species is between 2.5 and 3 cm. being one of the thickest among several races. Another reason why this breed is famous is that it is very prolific, becoming one of the most productive breeds in the world. In the year they can have between 1 and 2 liters. The litters are usually large and have a high enough survival rate reaching 90% at weaning. At 8 months of age, this breed can weigh about 170 Kg.

This breed is known for its long, drooping ears and jagged edges as if they had been nicked with a punch. The corners of the upper lips are superimposing on the lower ones. The body of this race is usually compact and is cover by thin and soft black or gray hair. “While the skin of the belly, legs, and the tip of the tail are usually depigmented and covered with white hairs. This species mostly reaches puberty at 2.5 to 3 months of age.”

Compared with those of other species that are at 150 days. In addition, this species achieves high survival rates of the embryos and large litter size. The females of this breed have a larger uterine capacity than other species, making it easy for numerous litters. That is why females of this species have 8 to 9 pairs of nipples and are extraordinarily prolific.

In colostrum and milk from Meishan sows the lactose concentrations are lower and contain the highest fat rate. Meishan differs from other types of black color, very long ears, short skull and a significant volume of the body. Cattle imported in America and Europe, often have white markings, unlike their Chinese counterparts, black leather that has no blemishes.

The skin of this species looks very thick. It also has short legs, and the ears are usually large and hang over the eyes. The eye of the species Meishan pig is almost invisible due to the ears and a large number of wrinkles around the nickel. You may also like to read Duroc Pig.


The Meishan Pig breed is kept in good condition as long as it has a good diet. Their diet consists of concentrates, by-products of the farm, and aquatic plants. This species is capable of consuming large amounts of fiber. You may also like to read Mangalitsa Pig.


Meishan Pig Its meat has a taste as good as that of traditional castes, although it is exceeded in fats. The fact that China’s pork is not value as much as pork fat, skin or meat products. And this is due to the large percentage of fat that accumulates meat of this species. The breed ideally meets the needs of the Chinese national market. For Russian entrepreneurs the meishan pig race is exotic, so this species is of great interest.

Special Feature

Meishan Pig has a particularity and is the high number of offspring per litter that has this breed. And they become between 15 and 16 piglets. Males of this species have testicles that are 40 percent smaller than those of other pig varieties. Of other pig varieties.


If you are looking for delicious pork that is easy to raise and has beautiful skin, the Meishan pig could be just what you need. The Meishan breed of pigs originated in China but they have also been exported around the world. They were first introduced into Taiwan by Japanese colonists during World War II before making their way back to mainland China in 1983 when restrictions on trade with Japan had eased up. The most unique feature about this animal is its large drooping ears which it uses to cool down on hot days.

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