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The Lithuanian Native pig as its name indicates is a native breed of Lithuania. Although this breed is very old, and I was present in Europe.

There were breeds of pigs with short ears and long ears, as well as cultural races that gave certain characteristics to the Lithuanian native pig.

The Lithuanian Native pig served to give birth to the white race Lithuania, as well as it was paramount for the production of several Russian races.

Although the Lithuanian races today are very strange and were in danger of extinction.

At least the Lithuanian Native pig race was maintained, since it was saved and preserved, and began to be produced among the same race to conserve it.


The Lithuanian Native pig is a medium-sized breed. The skin of this breed is thicker compared to other breeds that inhabit Lithuania. In general, males of this breed are usually larger than females.

lithuanian native pig

While the adult males of this breed weigh a maximum of 260 Kg. The females weigh a maximum of 180 Kg.

In addition, the height of the males is between 80 and 90 centimeters, while the females reach up to 80 centimeters. And they measure up to 95 centimeters long. You may also like to read mulefoot pig

The pigs that are raised as fattening animals reach up to 600 grams. The front legs are shorter than the hind parts.

But when you see the kind of profile, you do not see such a steep inclination. This breed has a thin tail and medium size, with a small loop, and is tilted down.

Something that stands out from this breed is that they have a small goat under their necks.

The coat of this breed can be of several colors, the most common being white, black, and even reddish. In general, this race has large spots.

While a color predominates, the spots are mostly black, which are not even, and are located throughout the body of the animal“.

The coat is of medium size, in addition, it has brightness. It is a very fertile breed, and they have up to 12 young in a litter.


The Lithuanian Native pig is a breed that usually keeps eating in intensive grazing, besides that it does not have big food restrictions.

This breed can eat grass, herbs, leaves, vegetables, and anything that is within their reach.

There is an area in southern Lithuania where the main food given to this breed is wheat. Although white pigs are very sensitive to the sun especially when they feed the wheat straw.

In contrast, colored pigs could feed on wheat straw and grass. Another thing that this breed feeds on is buckwheat and hay.

Special Characteristics:

The Lithuanian native pig is a resistant breed so much that they do not have any food restrictions, besides it adapts easily when out in the open.

In the early 90’s this breed was on the verge of extinction. That is why an institute decided to collect the remaining individuals. You may also like to read German Landrace Pig

Where were collected at least 200 individuals between females and males. And they could only mate between subjects of the same race.

This is done with the reason that the race was considered pure and without alterations. This breed is also friendly, so they feel good to be interacting with people.

The pigs of colors of this race can be long hours in grazing and this is because they can support more the sun than the race of white color.

A feature that makes it perfect to be perfect to feed on small farms that do not have enough economy to buy food.

That is why this breed is called the herbivorous pig.

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