Duclair duck


The Duclair duck is original of Normandy France, its name is the one of a city of this region. It has been in the French region for two hundred years. Their ancestors are the ducks of the region; Its standard was established on 11 November 1923. However, in several European countries, there are similar breeds that are known under different names such as the Belgian duck of Termonde, Swedish and Pomeranian. This is normal since it is difficult to get black ducks with a white bib by crossing Rouen ducks with black or white ducks. The French sought to create a race that was resistant, with a meat of good taste, and that produced a certain amount of eggs. And this race was the result of that search.

Characteristics of Duclair duck:

The Duclair duck is a medium breed and has a robust body. The weight of females of this species varies between 1.8 and 2.3 kg and males vary between 2.3 and 2.8. The ducks can start to consume from the 12 weeks of life. This breed comes from the cross between ducks of the corral and wild ducks that migrate.

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They produce between 80 and 100 eggs a year, and the eggs are blue-green. And its incubation period is 26 to 28 days. All this characteristic linked to the taste of their meat makes it a breed that is preferable to produce by the farmers.

They are characterized by being black or blue with a bit of white, have orange legs and are very strong, their eyes are brown or black and their peaks are yellow.


They are excellent gatherers and their food is varied. It has a very varied diet, however, it has commonly been observed that it feeds on invertebrate animals. It feeds mainly on invertebrates such as dragonflies, beetles, flies, worms, and various types of crustaceans.


The Duclair duck is used for the production of meat and for the production of eggs. Its meat is considered exquisite, and less fat than other breeds of duck that produce meat of excellent quality.

Special Characteristics:

By the white bib that from his white feathers, has been nicknamed him with the name of the lawyer. The meat produced from this species is red and differs from all other breeds by these characteristics. Females of this breed are considered good mothers. And the eggs they produce are large in size.

The Duclair duck temperament is calm and calm and is generally considered a nice breed. They are good to be raised at home because of their character. This breed is good at flying, and they are migratory birds. They were domesticated and bred originally in flocks.

 Duck Profile:

Duck name Duclair duck
Other Name The lawyer
Duck Purpose Meat and eggs laying
Feather color Black and white, blue and white, with shades of green litmus.
Weight 1.8 to 2.8 Kg
Climate Tolerance All climates
Egg Color Bluish green, green
Egg Size Big
Egg Productivity Medium (80 to 100 eggs in the year).
Rarity Normal
Country of Origin France


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