Vietnamese Potbelly pig- A Race form Vietnam


The Vietnamese Potbelly pig is a race that originated in the 60s. As its name implies, this breed is from Vietnam.

Although this breed was imported to Vietnam, from Sweden and Canada, and from there it was exported to several countries.

Mainly this race was exported to the United States with the idea of ​​taking it to zoos. But then several people were interested in the production of this breed but as a pet.

Hence, this breed became one of the first pig breeds to be used as a pet and proceeded to know each other worldwide. At the end of the 80s, this breed was highly valued.

And in the United States, they began to sell the first specimens of this breed but at a very high price.

As the years have passed, the demand for this breed has declined so that the purchase value has dropped. However, the price at which this breed is acquired can be compared to that of a pedigree dog or cat.


The Vietnamese Potbelly pig is a small breed. Both the male and female of this breed maintain the same weight and the same length.

vietnamese potbelly pig

For the first year of life, this breed weighs between 20 and 30 Kg. Already when this race is adult, the most that has come to weigh in around 90 Kg.

The body of this race is flat, and reaches a maximum of 90 centimeters, and can measure a maximum of 40 centimeters high. This breed usually ends up developing and continues to grow until 5 years of age.

The coat of this race is something hard, and of medium size, usually this race is unicolor, it can be white or black.

Sometimes this race has the combined fur, being white mostly, with black spots, which are not uniform. The legs of this breed are short, and the legs front, as well as the front legs are the same size. You may also like to read Finnish Landrace Pig

In addition, the legs are thin, and somewhat robust in the area that is close to the torso.

So the back and it’s something straight. While the face of this race is small and round, and the snout in small. The ears are small, and they are direct upwards, they look like those of a cat.

As indicated by the name of this breed, the belly of this breed is somewhat bulky, which protrudes several centimeters. The tail of this animal is short and thin.

But in general, this breed has a very nice appearance, so its appearance fits perfectly to be a pet. This breed has a long longevity come to live between 12 and 18 years, if they take good care can even reach 20 years.


The Vietnamese Potbelly pig is a single purpose breed. The use that is given to this breed, and that is why this breed became famous, is because it is a pet.

Since it is a race that occupies large spaces, and because it is small in size it is ideal to be in houses or apartments.

Also, this breed loves to stay clean. And they are very friendly, and they like to interact with the people that make them ideal for being pets.


The Vietnamese Potbelly pig is a breed that ingests many foods. And if the person who has this race neglects one of their meals, the animal can look for food anywhere in the house or the place where it grows.

It can even be aggressive if a person has food. Generally, the diet of this race includes several vegetables. As well as vitamins, in the same way, the breeders must give alfalfa hay and even wheat. You may also like to read Guinea Hog pig 

Special features:

Something that is important to know about the Vietnamese Potbelly pig is that although it is used as a pet, this breed does not like to be load.

Feel some fear because when being load is at a disadvantage and you have to lower them immediately.

Because if they jump to the ground they can be hurt. Clearly you can caress, and show affection, but you can not lift.

Another thing that draws attention is that some females before being sterilized have mood swings.

That is why it is most advisable that people who will want to Vietnamese Potbelly pig as a pet have to castrate them.

In this way, both males and females will have a calmer character and maybe in a house, without having strange behavior.

Something very curious about this breed is that it is very intelligent, so much so that it can be trained like a dog.

That is why people who want this as a pet have to pay attention and have enough activities. Because when it is not active or becomes bored, it becomes destructive.

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