Sebright Chicken – Golden Sebright Bantams


Sebright chicken, of English origin, stands out for its spectacular plumage in all its varieties of color: golden, silver, chamois or lemon.

This breed was created around 1800 and takes the name of its creator Sir John Sebright.

This hen was created in the early nineteenth century, through selective breeding, which was designed to produce an ornamental race.

Also, the Sebright chicken is an authentic dwarf breed, as there is no large variety. This breed is one of the oldest species of British.

Characteristics Details of Sebright Chicken:

The Sebright chicken is a small, nervous, vivacious breed characterized by a thin black border that borders each of its feathers.

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It is a particular breed as the rooster lacks secondary sexual characteristics. The rooster has the plumage of the hen and therefore does not have a cloak, circles, or sickles in the tail.

The plumage is composed of wide almond-shaped feathers, short and tight to the body. While the eggs weigh around 32gr with the white or cream peel.

The approximate weight of the rooster is from 0.6 to 0.7 kg. On the other hand, that of the hen is 0.5 to 0.6 kg. You may also like to read Plymouth Rock Chicken.

The chicks are very delicate, it is recommended to have them separated from chicks of the different breed and in groups no larger than 8-10 individuals.

This species has a small head, sorta and slightly backward. The crest is pink or curly, dark red and small. With the horizontal surface and fine pearl.

It is broad in the anterior part and narrows toward the nape, ending with a straight spur. It has a small chin, round and dark reddish color.

The ears are medium and of the reddish color. While the face is smooth, without down and bluish-reddish. It has large, expressive eyes and dark brown irises.

“For its part, the bill is short, strong and bluish horn color. And the neck is short and arch. It has a broad and plump trunk.”

Also, the back is short, wide, somewhat incline and round. In addition, the chest is wide, prominent, round and carry high. You may also like to read Red Shaver Chicken.

The abdomen is very underdevelopment. The tail of this breed is a sight insight of people.

It is open in the form of a fan, without sickles; with wide and stepped wheelhouses. Carried high without forming an angle with the line of the back.

The wings are carrying open and incline without touching the ground. While the thighs are well feathered and partially covered by the wings.

And the tarsi are smooth, thin, bare and bluish-gray. Finished with four fingers.

The differences between the rooster and the hen except for the differences of type due to sex are that the face and the crest are more obscure; the chins are hardly appreciated.

There are some varieties of color that this race has and are the following: Silver with black edging: The color borders the border should be silver and homogeneous in all feathers.

Gold with black trim: The color that borders the border should be golden brown intense and homogeneous in all feathers.

Lemon with rubeteado black: The color that borders the edging should der lemon yellow light and homogeneous in all the feathers. There are more colors of the standard according to the European Entente.

Food of Sebright Chicken:

Sebright chicken can be supply with premix foods. But you should supplement your diet with other types of foods such as seeds, wheat, fresh vegetables, rice, among others.

But always being careful not to give food that contains salt or meat. Drinkers should be available, since hens like another living being, requires it to live.

Usage of Sebright Chicken:

Sebright chicken is using mainly for ornamentation by the striking of its plumage, all feathers have a binding. You may also like to read Cornish Chicken.

Its plumage is very striking and attracts the attention of the spectators, there are only significant parameters that this breed has to meet the standards of this breed.

Special Characteristics:

The sewing of the feathers of the Sebright chicken must have the maximum perfection, each feather must be entirely contour of a fine, intensely black, brilliant and precious edging.

The border should not be wider at the end of the pen than on its sides. The color to which the edge borders should not exceed this one at the end of the spine.

The wheelhouse and wing coverts must have a delineate at the end.

Some defects that this breed can present are:

  • Have the pointed tail.
  • that the chest is too flat and the presence of the secondary sexual characters in the rooster.
  • That has double edging in feathers or gray edging.
  • That feathers dotted with black.
  • An absence of trim on the feathers of the throat, chest, and shoulders.
  • Narrow and lanceolate feathers.

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