Aseel Chicken: The Most Dominate Chicken Breed In The World

Have you ever wondered what type of chicken reigns supreme? Look no further as the Asil, also called “Aseel” is considered to be the top bird in its class. Originating from India and distributed throughout several states such as Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan, this incredible breed of game fowl is a testament to the natural selection process which has enabled them to endure and prosper across different environments over many centuries. Recognized for their impressive physical attributes that include strong limbs for flying long distances, huge eyes for excellent vision at night when roosting in trees, thick skull with heavy features that helps protect against predators and powerful legs with claws used for walking on any terrain easily; The Aseel Chicken has been consistently proven as one of if not the most dominate chicken breeds worldwide.

History & Origin

The Aseel or Asil hen is believed to originate in the Indian subcontinent and is most commonly associated with the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Rajasthan. Evidence suggests that Aseel chickens were kept for their beauty and fighting traits before being domesticated, leading some to speculate that they have been in India since ancient times. Aseel hens are renowned for their strength and agility, making them popular among cock-fighting enthusiasts who consider the Aseel one of four types of game chicken. A hardy species that can adapt to many climates, Aseel hens are primarily used for ornamental purposes today but still keep many of their traditional characteristics relating to beauty and athleticism.

Characteristics of Aseel chicken

Aseel chicken are known for their high levels of aggression, strength and stamina. Aseel chickens were originally bred as fighting birds in ancient India, and they are still bred today for their strong physical traits. Aseels have predominantly buff colored plumage and black or white tail feathers. The Aseel is quite a large bird with a long neck and muscular body, which makes it an excellent fighter in the ring. Perhaps the Aseel’s most distinctive feature is its curved beak—which can be sharpened for use in cockfights—and unique comb-like head crest called a nipal. Although Aseels have become widely popular over time as ornamental birds due to their eye-catching colors, some people still use them in illegal fighting rings around the world today.


Aseel chickens are special in their diet. A mix of high protein feed such as crickets and mealworms, followed by grains, green vegetables and fruits ensures that Aseels always remain healthy and vigorous. Aseels also need a balanced calcium intake to build strong bones, shells, feathers and beaks. To meet this requirement, you can also add other sources of calcium such as oyster shell or crushed eggshells to the Aseel’s regular feed. Additionally, it is necessary for Aseels to get all essential vitamins like A and D3, which can be easily found in quality poultry supply stores. To keep Aseels at the peak of their health, a diet rich in the right nutrients is the right way to go.


Aseel chickens are mainly bred for their fast reflexes and fighting ability, though these birds also make excellent pets. Aseel breeders in rural India long used the Aseels as part of fights between rival cock owners in illegal cockfights, where they would frequently be injected with hormones and placed inside a ring together. Aseels have become popular all over the world, however, due to their beautiful feathers which can come in a variety of colors. Their use has expanded beyond cockfighting to entertaining audiences with their flapping wings and fast reflexes – Aseels have even been known to break free during performances! Additionally, Aseels make delicious meat that is well-loved amongst people in India so it has become popular there as well. All in all, Aseel chickens are proving to be an incredibly versatile bird with many more uses than just being used for illegal activities.

Special Feature

The Aseel chicken is one of the oldest and most beloved breeds of game chicken in India, known for its impressive fighting skills, intelligence, speed and strength. In Aseel fights it is often pitted against other chickens to determine who will emerge victorious. Aseel owners take pride in their birds’ ferocity and many spend countless hours raising and training them for competition. A unique feature of this breed is its green-colored legs that actually help it grip the ground better during fights, allowing it to kick out and jab opponents more forcefully — a truly special feature for this amazing breed!

Review of the Reasons

The Aseel Chicken has long held its place at the top as one of the most dominant breeds in the world. A large part of its popularity can be attributed to its hardiness and ability to withstand difficult climates. Developed in South India, it is highly esteemed for its vigor, high egg production capacity and showy appearance. Its rapid growth rate, low fat content and excellent flavor are also factors that contribute to its global success. This breed of chicken continues to thrive in today’s market because breeders recognize and appreciate its numerous desirable traits.


Aseel chickens are a breed of game chickens that have been raised in India for centuries and remain a popular breed today. Aseel chickens have gained increased visibility in the world of sporting events and showmanship recently, due to their highly sophisticated style of fighting. Aseel chickens are a popular choice for owners looking for an aggressive competitive fighter, since they have strong legs and thickly muscled bodies with prominent beaks and spurs for battling opponents. The Aseel chicken is also increasingly popular as a showman’s bird, often exhibited in high quality rings throughout India, being judged on its size, grandeur and poise against other Aseels. Beyond just their physical prowess, the Aseel is also renowned for its intelligence, reportedly connecting quickly and deeply to humans, almost like a pet.

Discussing Care Requirements

Aseel Chickens require well-rounded and attentive care to ensure they stay healthy and happy. As is common practice with any animal, Aseel Chickens should be provided with a space of their own to call home, preferably one that fends off predators and protects against inclement weather. A soil floor filled with ample bedding material is ideal; make sure it remains dry so the Aseel Chicken can scratch it for its food. A constant supply of fresh food and water should also be available for Aseel Chickens at all times, as should supplemental treats like blackberry leaves or mealworms to supplement their diets. A clean watering system should be used since Aseel Chickens are susceptible to bacterial infections from dirty water sources. Cleanliness is key when raising an Aseel Chicken; the coop must be kept clean and free from disease-carrying parasites like lice or mites in order to keep your pet healthy and safe. With patience, dedication, and knowledge of this breed’s special care needs, you can successfully raise a thriving Aseel Chicken as part of your family!

Summarizing the Benefits of Keeping an Aseel Flock

Aseel Chickens are popularly known as the Game Chicken, and they can be kept either as pets or for showmanship. A number of remarkable benefits come with keeping Aseels, such as their fearless nature that makes them relatively easy to handle. Aseel Chickens also come in distinct varieties, displaying a wide range of color patterns and crests that can make them attractive conversation pieces. Furthermore, these highly rustic birds have an impressive life cycle, having a lifespan longer than many other breeds of poultry. All in all, Aseels offer chickens owners an aesthetically pleasing bird with versatility that is worth considering when looking for their next feathered pets or showpiece.


What is the best Aseel breed?

The Aseel is an ancient breed of chicken that originated in India and Pakistan. It is known for its strength, vigor, and intelligence. It is also a favorite among chicken keepers all around the world.

How many eggs does Aseel lay?

Aseel is a breed of chicken originating in India and Pakistan. They are known for their large size, weighing up to 7 lbs when fully grown, and high egg production. As far as egg production goes, an Aseel can lay anywhere between 210-240 eggs per year on average; however, experienced keepers have reported yields of up to 300 eggs per year! Egg numbers can fluctuate depending on the season and other factors such as nutrition levels. Aseel hens will typically start laying at around 6 months but may take longer based on other environmental factors.

Why is Aseel chicken so expensive?

Aseel chicken is an ancient Indian breed of bird known for its uniqueness, strength, and robustness. The Aseel hen is prized for its size, beauty, and fighting prowess while the cockerels are sought after as fighters. As such their eggs sell at a higher price than other breeders.


In conclusion, the Asil breed of chicken is a unique and fascinating bird. It’s important to remember that caring for these birds requires more attention than for other breeds. They have their own physical and dietary needs that must be met in order to keep them healthy and happy. Taking good care of these birds leads to more success in the show ring or sporting arena, as well as indulging in watching them exude a sense of pride and grace that is unlike any other breed. With this being said, the Asil is undisputably one of the most dominate breeds in the world. Whether are looking to admire it’s beauty, compete against its athleticism or keep it as pet; The Aseel can provide you with companionship your home is sure to appreciate

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