Australian Call Duck: The Best Duck Breed For Small Properties

Are you looking for a low-maintenance, friendly duck breed to add some character and charm to your small property? Look no further than the Call Duck! This historic, small domestic duck is believed to have originated in the Netherlands, dating back centuries. The bright colors of their feathers – black, white, and greenish-yellow – mean they are sure to stand out and make a delightful addition to any property. Not only that but they are incredibly sociable birds known for being gentle around children. All these characteristics plus more make them ideal for raising on even the smallest patches of land! Read on as we explore why these ducks should be at the top of your animal Wishlist.

History & Origin

The Australian Call Duck is a historic breed of small domestic duck tracing its roots to the Netherlands, where the earliest records of them date back to the seventeenth century. With a wide range of colors and sizes, they have been admired by many over the centuries. They are an endearing sight with their bright eyes and gentle personalities, making them beloved as pets around the world today. Despite their small size, Call Ducks can make big impressions on hearts everywhere.


Australian Call Ducks are compact, round-bodied birds that have a bright personality. They have an upright stance and a keen alertness expressed by their curving neck and alert eyes. The Australian Call Duck’s bill is olive green to black, and both sexes have iridescent purple stripes along the length of the beak. Their wings are shaped for hard rapid wingbeats so they can glide long distances, making them ideal for flight work and exhibition. The Call Duck’s plumage ranges from white to dark colors such as grey, blue, or chocolate. They are a breed known for their gentle nature and unique chirp-like call which gives them their signature name.


The Australian Call Duck is an endearing breed of small duck renowned for its unique feeding habits. Unlike some species that graze and seek out their food, the Australian Call will often wait to be fed from its owner. They are known to have a special affinity for high-protein feed, such as a mixture of grains and other small feed morsels given to them regularly. If provided with proper nutrition, Australian Calls can live up to 7 years in captivity and can become quite friendly if handled frequently. All in all, if you’re looking for a special companion with distinct feeding requirements who will appreciate your love and attention, then one of these small ducks might be the perfect match!


Australian Call Ducks are a popular breed of small, domesticated ducks that have recently grown in popularity. This breed originates from the Netherlands and has been around since the 17th century. Australian Calls Ducks have a variety of uses both in domestic settings, such as pets or to help keep ponds clean and insect-free, and professionally as working ducks on farms. Australian Call Ducks not only provide an abundance of feelings but also a huge benefit by helping with pest problems and cleaning up to some degree. Call Ducks are generally low-maintenance animals, making them a great choice for those looking for an pet that can provide companionship without demanding too much time or energy.

Special Feature

Australian Call Ducks are a special breed of small domestic duck with a longstanding heritage dating back centuries to the Dutch. Generally identified for their unique quacking noises and curious temperament, these ducks also possess an array of colors ranging from white to various shades of buff and gray. Australian Call Ducks provide an interesting dynamic to any setting, as they are not only beautiful but actively engaging too! Not surprisingly, they are quickly becoming increasingly popular among backyard or residential living enthusiasts. If you’re looking for something unique and special, Call Duck is the way to go!

Why Australian Call Ducks are the Best?

Australian Call Ducks have always been a favorite choice of small-scale farmers and homesteaders because of their gentle nature, attractive appearance, and excellent egg production. Australian Call Ducks are also an ideal breed for small properties or hobby farms due to their size and low maintenance requirements. This breed does not require a lot of space to feel comfortable and is easily housed in a medium-sized enclosure. Australian Call Ducks are also known for being friendly and tolerating human contact, making them great pets as well as food sources. In addition, Call Ducks consume less feed than most breeds, so they can be kept more economically compared with other ducks. All these advantages make Australian Call Ducks the perfect choice for small properties and hobby farms.

Breeding & Caring

Australian Call Ducks have a long history as beloved companions and show birds. The Australian variety has its roots in the Netherlands, and when you own one of these beautiful ducks, they require some special attention to ensure that they stay healthy and active. As any good breeder or caretaker knows, Australian Call Ducks need a balanced diet, regular exercise, warm housing with ample water sources, and medication for common ailments such as bumblefoot disease. Additionally, Australian Call Ducks need protection from predators with secure housing and regular monitoring. With proper breeding facilities, careful supervision, and timely maintenance of their health needs, Australian Call Ducks can grow up to live a happy and productive life.

Common Health Issues

Australian Call Ducks are beloved waterfowl known for their hardy temperament, attractive coloring, and popularity with bird fanciers. Unfortunately, the Call Duck is notorious for having some health issues that Australian owners should be aware of. For example, Australian Call Ducks can suffer from toe injuries due to rough terrain or incorrect husbandry practices. If left untreated, this can lead to deformed feet and make it more difficult for them to move. Additionally, Australian Calls can also contract avian pox which can cause serious respiratory problems if not treated properly. Thankfully, Australian veterinarians are now well prepared to deal with diagnosing and treating these common health issues faced by Australian Call Ducks.

Benefits of Raising Australian Call Ducks on a Small Property

Australian Call Ducks are the perfect choice of poultry for those living on a small property, offering many benefits to their owners. These colorful ducks are hardy and adaptable birds, suited to the unpredictable climate of Australia. Moreover, they are incredibly low-maintenance, requiring minimal feeds and supplementation compared to other breeds of duck. Australian Calls also maintain a smaller size than other native ducks, saving landholders valuable room when stocking up their farm pond. Finally, Australian Call Ducks have sweet dispositions and are highly sociable animals which make them an ideal choice for properties that prioritize a friendly atmosphere!


Why is it called a Call Duck?

The Call Duck is a very special breed of domestic duck. It’s called a ‘Call’ Duck because its name comes from its loud quacking call that is said to be louder than other breeds of ducks. As well as being known for their loud quacking, Call Ducks are also popular due to their tiny size and ability to do tricks, making them ideal for shows and competitions.

Are call ducks good to eat?

The short answer to this question is yes, call ducks are good to eat. Call ducks, also known as “Mallard-derived” ducks, have long been a popular food choice in many parts of the world. Their small size and tender meat make them ideal for roasting and stewing. They can be used as anything from a simple meal with potatoes and vegetables to an elegant main course served with wild rice or couscous. Call duck dishes are especially common in countries like France, where they are considered something of a delicacy.

Are call ducks intelligent?

Call ducks are an incredibly intelligent species of duck. They are known for their sharp minds, which is why they often outperform other domestic birds in intelligence tests. Researchers from the University of Connecticut conducted a study that tested call ducks and mallard ducks on various cognitive tasks. The results showed that call ducks were able to perform memory-based tasks with greater accuracy than mallards, suggesting higher levels of intelligence among this unique breed.


Australian Call Duck are a great choice for those looking to raise ducks on a small property. These ducks provide their owners with years of enjoyment while also offering eggs and meat for consumption. From their unique calls to the ease of taking care of them, these ducks make an excellent addition to any backyard farm or ranch. However, like other animals, these ducks can experience health problems that should be watched for closely. It is important to properly feed and water an Australian Call Duck to ensure it stays healthy and remains productive over the years. All in all, the Australian Call Duck is an amazing breed that brings joy and abundance to its owners!

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