Kuroiler Chicken – Discovery of Chicken Lifespan



The kuroiler chicken was born in India. The scientists made the export of this species because of its resistant characteristics, to countries with scarce resources.

Kuroiler chicken was transported to Uganda for production. Where the villagers took advantage and raised this strong species. The result was that the kuroiler chickens stood out among the native chickens of Uganda.

Keggfarms development this breed, which is a company in India, and the company’s mission is to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants.

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As well as optimizing the country’s nutrition through the production of poultry. This would be achieved by creating a breed of strong characteristics, rapid production and used for dual purposes.

It was able to market the Chicken kuroiler and took 1 million homes. Its rapid growth made the villagers able to sell this species, providing them with meat and eggs, as well as sources of income for their families.

Women of the Middle East are what carry out the agriculture of this species.

Characteristics Details of Kuroiler Chicken:

The kuroiler chickens are born from the combination of 2 species and can survive several environments, so they adapt very well to the habitat of villages.

The creation of this breed arises from the need to get a chicken of excellent meat production, and high egg production. They can subsist of agricultural and domestic waste, without needing an additional diet.

Hens and their eggs are a vital source of nutrition in Uganda, with a production of 33 million birds annually. Between 5 and 20 chickens are the layers of chickens of the villages per family. The kuroiler chicken delivered about 200 eggs per year.

The plumage is in the form of camouflage, which makes the predators do not see them easily. They also have resistance to diseases. You may also like to Read Silkie Chicken.

The fertility and hatchability of kuroiler eggs were significantly high, with 80 percent success. In addition, in four districts of Uganda, where the farmers received the kuroiler, the chickens showed a survival rate of 84 percent.

Thanks to these hybrid chickens each family will be able to produce twice the amount of meat and four times the number of eggs of a local hen.

In this way, even income will triple from those who sell Kuroiler products.


The kuroiler chicken usually feeds on the whole grain meal of cassava leaves. When there are small chickens it is advisable to replace their maize feed for cassava, but gradually, as they grow they will increase the cassava ration.

When raising laying hens, cassava must be added at 25 and 30% feed. To improve the color of the yolk of the eggs should include in the feeding of the chickens all the flour of cassava leaves.

Sometimes alfalfa can be substitute with whole cassava flour. The success of its use depends on the availability of inexpensive sources of protein, the levels of incorporation and the precautions taken to reduce possible undesirable effects.


The usefulness of the kuroiler chicken is for the production of its meat and the production of its eggs, besides being a resistant and fast growing breed.

In addition breeding, kuroiler chicken is performing in very poor places by its characteristics. What makes people can feed well, and the production of this breed does not generate many expenses.

Special Characteristics:

The Kuroiler Chicken is a tough breed, and prone to be broilers. As a result, its growth is rapid, and it has immunity from some diseases. Their diet is composed of foods that humans can ingest.

Do not even need large amounts of protein and minerals for their development.

Chicken Profile:

Chicken name Kuroiler Chicken
Other Name Any
Chicken Purpose Meat and eggs laying
Feather color Black and White
Weight 3 Kg
Climate Tolerance Warm weather
Egg Size Medium
Egg Productivity High (200 eggs in the year).
Rarity Normal
Country of Origin India

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