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Speckled Sussex chicken its origin is from England. And its name comes from the place where development is specifically Sussex County and the color of its plumage.

It is a noble bird and the oldest, good laying like the leghorn hen and with great maternal instinct.

Unlike other breeds that eggs must be incubated artificially, this is not, because it is the natural instinct.

It is a docile bird, its meat is exquisite to the palate because it is a soft meat is very desired by the English. It was one of the bird races that supplied chicken meat to London.

Characteristics Details of Speckled Sussex chicken:

Speckled Sussex chicken meets the expectations of poultry farmers and that makes it one of the most sought after.

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Unlike other species of chicken his broad back and strong backs. Originally its colors were brown, red and stained, it also got a white color.

Being one of the most productive breeds of chickens, they reach 260 large and light brown eggs per year. You may also like to read Serama chicken.

These chickens enjoy eating, they give baths on earth they peck and they are calm. When there are times of very cold affect them in their production of eggs.

The fast-growing Sussex chicken and renders at the level of its meat which is also soft and very juicy, pleasant on the palate.

By their maternal instinct, they are good incubators and that makes them a bird with greater production and much more profitable. It is not necessary to incubate eggs artificially.

It is a chicken with long, rounded feathers, with little down. The Sussex hen has a medium head and with a wide skull, the head is fine texture, naked and red.

“It also has a round chin, a little small, rather smooth and red. The ears are small, tight and red. It has a small ridge rather fine and simple, right.”

It has four or five teeth split halfway up the ridge, with a short lobe; in the female, the crest is smaller and right.

The eyes of the Sussex hen are large, very visible, the iris is orange or preferably red. While the peak of the Sussex hen is very strong, slightly curved and flesh colored.

The neck is short, with the jacket quite abundant, but it is not something exaggerated. In addition, the trunk of this species is rectangular in shape, generally horizontal.

The shoulders are very little rounded, it is wide and piano, it is horizontal with very abundant careless but to the body.

While in the female the shoulders are more square than in the male and the back more horizontal. You may also like to read Houdan Chicken.

The Sussex hen reproduces like all the existing hens, like the hen Orpington or the Brahma hen reproduction of eggs.

The reproductive system is formed by an ovary and this contains the ovules, the oviduct, the vagina and the cloaca.

Generally, the reproduction begins in spring and extends until the summer with the intention that the chicks are born in the summer heat.


The feeding in the Speckled Sussex chicken is very important because it takes advantage of not only the egg but its meat.

This breed should be fed in a healthy way and with the right nutrients and thus we will obtain a meat and eggs of excellent quality.

Hens are omnivorous birds, which means they eat everything from insects to food waste at home. But in this case, it is a laying bird and it is also used to eat its meat. So it must be a special type of food for them.


Speckled Sussex chicken is a breed that is used as much for the production of its meat as the production of its eggs. In the same way, it is a bird that is used for artisanal breeding and for exhibitions.

Special Characteristics:

Speckled Sussex chicken is a kind of bird rather calm, docile and is always alert to any situation. You may also like to read Hamburg Chicken.

This species adapts to any environment, they are happy in open areas but they can also live quietly in small spaces.

They are hunting and gathering birds, they are birds that have a maternal instinct and incubate their eggs, which is why they sometimes become broody.

When they are in this state, they should be provided with food and water and we will know that they are clues because they do not move away from their nest.

And if you try to do it, it tries to attack you and if this behavior persists after 21 days of incubation of the egg we must remove it from the nest.

The chicken begins to present a series of symptoms or problems when it is not provided with the adequate and balanced diet that it needs.

Here are some of the problems that this race presents:

  • Problems with pens.
  • General health problems.
  • Eggs with very thin skin.
  • Problems in the legs.
  • The decrease in egg laying.
  • Infections.

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