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Poultry equipment:

There is some poultry equipment for the upbringing in a floor, among them are:

Feeders: Hopper feeders are generally used, which have a deposit for food and a feeding channel.

Drinkers: These are containers specially designed to supply water to birds. They must be built with resistant and inert materials, stainless and easy to clean.

There is a lot of types:

Channel drinking troughs:

Also called linear, they consist of channels placed along the house of poultry equipment. It is necessary to keep the water fresh, changing it every 24 hours or every time it gets dirty.

To keep it fresh and speed up the cleaning tasks, it is convenient that one of the ends of the channel is adapted so that when it is necessary to empty it, the water easily goes to a drain.

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To prevent birds from standing on the sprue, in addition to keeping it at the height of the back. Many aviculturists use the chain of jars placed a little above the sprue;

With this the birds, when trying to climb, slip. It is important that the drinker is well ensuring in order to prevent it from turning over by poultry equipment.

Hopper drinking troughs:

A drinker of 4 liters per 100 birds is required.

They are placed at a certain height and not on the floor height of the back of the bird, to avoid spilling the water and moisten the bed.

What would favor parasitism, especially coccidiosis?


Their purpose is to provide the hen with a penumbra and semi-hidden place to make the posture comfortably.

They should be easy to clean and disinfect. The blacked nests prevent the birds from contracting the vice of chopping the eggs.

They can be made of aluminum, wood, zinc and even cardboard. The floor of the nest box should be tilted to the front so that the eggs roll and accumulate in this part.

They are usually constructed of wood and must be placed at a height of 20 cm. from the floor.

To prevent the birds from sleeping inside the nest, some lids are placed to close the nests. Each nest should have a dimension of 30 cm in width and height and 40 cm in depth.

Equipment used in Broiler Breeding:


They are units whose purpose is to supply the necessary heat to the chicks. From the birth of the chicks until they feather and can withstand the environmental temperature.

There are several types, such as suspension that is the most common and simple to use, heat plate, hot water and heating systems of houses.

The suspension brooders usually consist of a hanging metal bell in the center of which is the heat source.

Which can be one or more electrical resistors, an infrared ray lamp consisting of a 250-watt bulb. for every 200 chicks.

As well as gas or oil burners; some have a thermostat to regulate the temperature.

There are gas bells for brooders, which can have a diameter of 1.5 to 2.5 meters and give heat to about 400 to 800 chicks.

Sometimes being more advantageous than electric ones. The brooders should be hung at a height between 30 and 40 cm.

Depending on its size and number of chicks as well as age. It is important to regulate the temperature as the chicks grow.

Between 1 and 2 days of age, the temperature under the brooder should be about 35 º C. and the environment of the house at about 22 to 23 º C.

At 25 and 30 days, the temperature under the brooder can be 25ºC. and that of the barn of about 18 to 20ºC.

It is recommended to place containment fences around the irradiation area of the brooder. So that the chicks do not disperse and everyone receives the benefit of heating.

These fences can be cardboard, metal sheet or mesh for easy assembly and disassembly.

Gallon Drinker:

They are water troughs, usually plastic bell-shaped. It allows easy handling and the water stays clean.

They are used for the reception of baby chicks, until the second and third week of age and is placed directly on the bed.


Of them there are mainly two types:


Consists of a water-conducting tube placed in the upper part of the cage. From this tube, a small valve or pin is detached, which comes to be at the height of the head of the birds.

When touching the valve, the water comes out and the duct closes when the valve is removed.

A tank place at one end and at a higher level is used for water supply and control. By means of the float, the water is supply as the birds drink or when it needs to be changed.

With this system it is possible to keep the water clean, the food is not wet and the birds will drink whatever they need.

Hopper drinking troughs:

A drinking fountain of 4 liters per 100 birds is required. They are placed at a certain height and not on the floor, usually at the level of the back of the bird.


It is a type of round tray, where baby chicken is fed, from birth to the second week of age. Hopper Feeders. It is used from 2 weeks to 6 weeks of age.

They have a deposit for the food and must be placed suspend at a height of 10 centimeters from the ground by the poultry equipment.


Type of floor that can be constituted by diverse materials. Scattered all over the floor or part of after having cleaned or disinfected the premises.

It is a factor that contributes to the maintenance of the birds. Since it provides an ideal temperature for the animal (18 to 26 ºC).

And also isolates the legs of the chicks from the cold and the humidity that the floor produces.

The bed can be made of different material: Woodchip, rice husk, ground tissue, among others. You may also like to read Pekin Chicken.


They are barriers that place to the chicks during the first week of age, in order not to get away from the source of heat, water, and food.

Generally used cardboard, zinc sheets or other material. You may also like to read Sumatra Chicken.

For the reception of chicks, the most common is to make a ring in the shape of a circle with 4.5 m in diameter where can accommodate a thousand baby chicks.


They are placed around the sheds in order to control the environment inside the house, avoiding drafts and that the house gets wet on rainy days.

Also, they are usually made of plastic or nylon bag. You may also like to read Speckled Sussex Chicken.

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