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The breeds of domestic pigeons descend from the wild pigeon breeds Columba Livia, through a long selection process over the centuries.  At the time of classifying this conglomerate of birds, it is attended to certain characteristic features that are common and constant. A structure or special position of certain feathers such as nasturtiums, collimates, corporate, or a modified esophagus such as maw.

The size, nationality or origin of the race. The breeds we know today as pigeons are the product of good selection work by pigeon breeds. Only in this way has it been possible to achieve the enormous number of forms, varieties of existing pigeons. The races of pigeons, then, can be distinguished according to certain constant characteristic elements, which are:

Pigeon Breeds

The special structure of plumage or a special position of some feathers, trunk, breeds and head (collimate, coated, etc)

  • A modified esophagus.
  • Very developed caruncles.
  • Special body shape.

Morphological characters derived from wild pigeons, whose carriers have preserved the primitive figure. And can be differentiated by pigeon breeds, shape, color, pattern, shell, feathered tarsi and peak of unusual dimensions.

List of Some Pigeon Breeds

Maw Balear Pigeon

Pigeons are originally from the Balearic Islands, mainly from the island of Mallorca. The origin of this breed is probably through crosses between different races of pigeons maw. Highlighting among them the old Valencian lauding and rafeno. It is a pigeon of medium to small size, it is harmonious, slender, with curves and soft lines.

Also, have a wide chest, it has a normal-sized and not very hanging crop, erect, ardent and active. While the wings are big and powerful for the flight. These have a length ranging from 22 to 26 centimeters, from the front end of the keel to the end of the tail. And weigh between 400 and 450 grams.

Archangel Pigeon

This is a fantasy pigeon, it stands out for having a metallic shine of its feathers. Like other varieties of domestic pigeons. It remains a luxury race, valued for its unusual appearance. They are small, lightweight, legs without feathers and dark orange eyes. They may or may not have a crest. The body of the bird is bronze or gold with black wings, white or metallic blue.

Figurine Pigeon

It is one of the most valued races. It is a really small pigeon, with a weight between 150g and 170g. The standing upright and vertical, with angled contours, with the appearance of a “soldier” figure, And it’s walking lightly and elegantly, almost on tiptoe. Of a docile, flirtatious, funny and very lively character.

English Maw Pigeon

Presents the characteristic of being able to expand the crop to the limit of its possibilities. Its body is tall and slender, and he keeps it always very erect. The wings are very tight and they rest on the tail with their tips. It presents a colored layer that is adorned with white feathers in the primaries, the belly, and the calzones, with a half-moon that crosses longitudinally the crop.

Moroncelo pigeon

The Moroncelo pigeon is a breed of Spanish pigeon. One of its main characteristics is that it has nasal caruncles. The fanciers consider it an animal of a company, of an exhibition and for flight contests. It is a pigeon considered as a maw, but its crop is scarce, like half an orange, and never hangs. You may also like to read Rock Pigeon.

While its body is moderately small and not very broad in texture; its weight is proportional to the dimensions; medium legs, but is very upright. Between lullabies he stands on his fingers, coaxing his slender neck upwards, By its origin, and a little forward in his high third, which makes him look taller. This erect posture, in union with the bristling of the neck, back and coping, are the most marked features of the race.

Its head is round, with a delicate and continuous curve line, which includes head- caruncles nasal-beak. The beak is medium in length and thickness; nasal caruncles should be medium and without roughness, the eye, intensely red, preferably. The ocular borders, fine and reddish color and plumage, very varied, all interspersed in white. You may also like to read King Pigeon.

Moorhead Pigeon

It is a breed of German spotted pigeon, in a similar way to the black Parisian, but which presents the tarsi shod in white as well as the whole body.

Capuchin Pigeon

This pigeon is small and lightweight, it is also called a wig. It is characterized by the long feathers that protrude from the head forming the hood. That prevents the animal’s lateral vision, a necklace made up of somewhat shorter feathers and other two peculiar formations. This last one is a bud of feathers that are arranged in opposite directions to the others. The legs should be sturdy, but look light and smooth.

The peak of average length must be completely hidden by the hood. In this variety, the head, almost invisible, must be white up to the peak line approximately. The feathers of the ‘wig’ must be black, although metallic iridescence or reflections of the black color itself are allowed. Also, the rest of the body will also be jet-black, except for the primary wing remiges and the rectrices, which are white.


If you want to know more about different types of pigeons, the process they went through over centuries that led them to their current form today, or what characteristics are common and constant among all breeds – this guide has it all. We hope you found our article informative and helpful! Good luck on your pigeon research journey.

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