Pot-bellied Pig: Perfectly Precious Pigs

A pot-bellied pig is Originally domesticating in Vietnam. Where it was favored by people in the mountainous regions, due to its small size. This small size caught the attention of pet owners in the 1980s. These pigs quickly became the mascot of choice for many families looking for an alternative to a traditional dog or cat.

This breed may come from the more remote regions of Vietnam. But these animals have captured the hearts and minds of pet owners around the world. They were originally brought from Sweden and Canada, and since then moved to a number of countries.

Pot-bellied Pig

A farmer imported the first potbellied pigs in North America, he had no idea what he had started. Originally, it was intended to supply pigs to zoos. But a private buyer interested in pigs as pets began the fame of porcine pets on their way to distribution around the world.

Characteristics of Pot-bellied Pig

A pot-bellied pig is the same species as a domesticated pig. Unlike their corral cousins raised by farmers around the world, the tummy is a smaller animal of similar size. To medium and large dog breeds. Potbellied pigs are easy to distinguish from other pigs. Not only their small size but also their straight tail.

An average-sized adult will be approximately 30-50 centimeters in height and weigh anywhere from 30 to 140 kilos. Other physical characteristics of the potbellied pig include a belly (hence the name), a wobbled back, and ears erect. You may also like to read Essex Pig.

While small size is what initially caught the attention of pet owners, it is the training and temperament ability of these animals that made them remain desirable for those. Who wants a pet for their home. Pigs are very clean animals that do not like to be in dirty conditions.

Combine this with almost nobody odor at all and a non-allergenic layer and even. Those with allergies can enjoy owning one of these pigs. The colors range from black to white, with a variety of places in between.

Originally, the colors were solid black or white dots in the middle. Creative breeding efforts have produced varieties of white, cinnamon, red and silver colors.

Non-sterile females suffer from “premenstrual syndrome” and strong mood swings, whole males produce an acrid odor, as well as showing other unpleasant traits.

It is a pig with short and straight ears with a short to medium-sized snout. The body is sturdy with pleats on the skin and a characteristic jowl. They are calm and calm temperament but they are usually very intelligent pigs.


Pot-bellied pig has a great appetite and the owners must make sure that they do not receive an excessive dose to keep them healthy.


Most people who buy these pigs want them as pets, but pigs may not necessarily stay small, cute, or stuffed. Their average weight is about 45 kg., And this species does not like to be collected or maintained. You may also like to read Duroc Pig.

Unlike cats and dogs, pigs are prey to predators, so being picked up or having restrictions, makes the alarm extreme.

Special Feature

Even though pigs’ phrases are associated with pens and without cleaning, this is not the case. Like dogs, pot-bellied pigs are easily trained to do many things that make them not only easy to live with but fun. This training can include home training as well as be walking on a leash so that homeowners can take them for easy strolling and not deal.

With dirty cages or boxes of stinky trash that other domestic pets use. These little pigs are so cleverly intelligent that the owners are also able to teach them tricks. Some tricks they do are sit and lie down and their curiosity makes them playmates fun for adults as for children.

For those looking for a pet that well cares for, is clean and does not cause allergies or leaves behind a pile of hair that many are realizing that pigs are the perfect solution. Not only are they easy enough to take care of, but they also have fun personalities that are hard to resist. You may also like to read Berkshire Pig.

Of course, as with most animals, it takes a bit of work to keep a pot-bellied pig, but it will also give you a great return for that effort. Hundreds of pot-bellied pigs are leaving every year because their owners are not fully prepared to look after them like pets.

Life expectancy is 12 to 15 years, so having this breed as a pet is a lifelong commitment. Consider the special needs of Vietnamese potbellied pigs before making the decision to have one as a pet.


Thanks for taking the time to read our guide on the pig. If you were only able to take one piece of information away from this article, we hope it was that Vietnamese Pot-bellied pigs are endangered and need more protection in order to survive. We encourage you to share this post with your friends so they can learn about these wonderful creatures too! What other breeds have you heard of? Do any of them sound like an interesting pet or meat source for cooking? Let us know what else would make a good blog post topic in the comments below, or contact us if there’s anything specific you’re looking for help with!

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