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The Penedesenca Chicken is an old race. The first attempts of morphological characterization date from the period 1920-1940. This was the first attempt, without continuity, of defining the race.

However, due to the entry of highly improved populations (Leghorn), commercial hybrids for meat (broilers) and the increasing abandonment of the rural environment, the breed was about to disappear, which happened with the Negra variety as such Towards the middle of the.

Historical background and genetic possibilities regarding color genes were taken into account, and as a result, the population was could divide in all four varieties, the current racial pattern being drawn.

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Currently, in Spain, you can find about 1.000 specimens of this species. We can also find it in almost all the autonomous communities of the Spanish State. As well as in France, Holland, England and the United States. You May Also Like To Read Cubalaya Chicken.

In Germany, the breeding club of Spanish hens breeds “Sonderverein der Züchter Katalanischer Hühnerrassen”, which in 1998 incorporated the breed Penedesenca.

Characteristics Details of Penedesenca Chicken:

The Penedesenca Chicken, in its Negra variety, adapt to breeding in full freedom. They weigh 2.2 kg at 11 weeks. This breed came to the commercialization under the name of “chicken Penedesenca”.

There are four varieties of the breed: the Black, the Aperdiuada, the Blat, and Barrada. Its meat is quite consistent and its flavor very powerful. It’s more intense color denotes considerable physical activity.

This more “made” meat better withstand the long cooking processes and, therefore, we can apply classic cooking recipes that allow us to recover the taste of before they sleep in our subconscious.

But let no one think that these long cooking serves to hide a dried meat. Nothing is further from reality. The meat of the Penedesenca chicken also exceeds with a note the test of the most elemental cooking of all, the roast. The one with the ember.

This variety easily reaches 3-3.5 kg in 5-month-old chickens, reaching more than 4.5 kg in adults. The hens are large and very massive, passing many of the 3kg. Growth and feathering are very fast. Trunk rather short, wide and tilted back.

Wide back, inclined from front to back and abundant caireles, rounded and rather short. Chest broad, deep, elongated, prominent, with well-arched ribs. Undeveloped abdomen.

Cola developed, well-populated, open, with two long feathers, well curved-sickle-shaped. Inserted at an angle between 45° and 90° above the horizontal.

Wings large and carried inclined so that the imaginary line that goes from the tip to the ground forms with this an angle of approximately 45º.

Sexual maturity comes after 5 months of life. The setting is quite good, with references of between 180-200 eggs per year. The second year some females lay eggs so fat that they are unable to expel them and die.


The feeding of the Penedesenca chicken is based on the following diet:

  • 58-60% maize
  • 33.5-35.5% Feed and derivatives
  • 5 – 5,5% brane of grape (grape seed).


The Penedesenca Chicken usefulness is the production of eggs, as it is an excellent laying hen. The farmers also produce it for their meat, since it produces a meat of excellent quality. It is a very rich meat.

Special Characteristics:

The Penedesenca Chicken is very strong animals, with very thick legs, agile and active. Males are pretty bullies, but they coexist well with other cocks if there is enough space.

One of the main characteristics that make the Black Penedesenca an unusual breed is the infiltration of fat into muscle.

Something similar is produced in the Iberian pig, giving it a highly prized meat in the market, which makes the meat always juicy and with a taste that today cannot surpass the most representative French chicken breeds.

This breed is in danger of extinction. It has a good ability to produce eggs, which is its fundamental use, except in the case of the Negra variety, also used as a meat-producing breed.

The average value of laying during the first year is 180 to 200 eggs/hen/year, with a weight of the same of 60 gr. It is characterized by good maternal behavior, with a seizure index of 14% and hatching of 72%.

Chicken Profile:

Chicken name Penedesenca Chicken
Other Name Any
Chicken Purpose Meat production and eggs laying
Feather color Black, Capped, Brown and Barred.
Weight 3 to 4.5 Kg
Climate Tolerance All climates
Egg Size Big
Egg Productivity High (180 to 200 eggs in the year).
Rarity Normal
Country of Origin Spain

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