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New Zealand rabbit was originally developed to meet the demands of the meat and skin trade in the early part of the 20th century.

The breed originated in California from rabbits imported from New Zealand. New Zealand rabbits are large animals.

The name of the race can deceive us about its origin. These do not come from New Zealand, but from the United States.

These white rabbits made their first appearance in 1917 in America and were not imported to Great Britain until 1945. The Black New Zealand Rabbit was first seen around 1924.

At present this great rabbit is kept as a pet or as an exhibition animal.

Characteristics Details of New Zealand Rabbit:

New Zealand rabbit Your body is large in size and is that the rabbits of this breed grow very quickly. For this reason, they are a breed very demand by the producers of meat. Females also have good fertility qualities.

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An adult rabbit of this breed can reach 6 kilos of weight.This breed has short front legs, large hind legs, small feet and a large head.

Their ears present a fur much shorter than the one of their bodies, presenting/displaying pink tone that emphasizes.

Her pink eyes are bright and very expressive.Its coat, dense, can appear in several colors. White and black are the most common, although we can also find blue and even red.

The red variety of the New Zealand rabbit is considered in many countries as a race of its own because the characteristics of this animal differ significantly from the original variety. The average weight is 4.5 to 5.5 kg.

Being a large rabbit, the New Zealand Rabbit shows a dense and luxurious coat that should “return” to its original position when it is brushed in the wrong way.

The inner layer of the fur is soft and thick and interning with the hairs of the protective layer which are rougher.

The body should be deep, broad and long, with a broad head, well round in a barely perceptible neck.

The New Zealand Rabbit’s ears should be in proportion to the rest of the body and have good skin coverage with rounded tips.

Usually, the red species of this breed is a little smaller than the other colors, and also has slightly thicker skin.

There are some characteristics that must have the species of red color. Among them is that it should have a medium length, and the body should be well round.

But one thing to note is that it has to weigh 3.6 kg. This indicates 1 kg less than the other colors of this breed. You May Also Like To Read Netherland Dwarf Rabbit.

In addition, the body of the red species must be more compact and the head has to be large. Another characteristic is that you have to have enough firm muscle mass.


New Zealand rabbit diet should consist of good quality pellets, good hay and lots of vegetables. Like for example dandelions, kale, carrot and cabbage pieces.

These, besides being your favorites, will help you keep your teeth in good condition. You should also have access to clean, fresh drinking water at all times.


New Zealand rabbit is common uses for breeding meat rabbits and for laboratory testing.

Although they are also a very popular breed as a pet and it is not uncommon to see them also in exhibitions. You May Also Like To Read Alaska Rabbit.

Special Characteristics:

New Zealand female rabbit is kept fertile throughout the year. The gestation period lasts approximately one month.

We must put at your disposal a small space in which they can place their young. In the first week after birth, the fur of the little ones will begin to grow, and only two weeks later they will begin to open their eyes.

At three weeks the children will stop drinking milk from their mother and start feeding on hay and pellets. Three days after giving birth, a female can get pregnant again immediately.

The number of rabbits per litter is around 6, although it can reach 12. There are currently efforts to try to create a blue New Zealand rabbit, but these have not yet reached its creation. You May Also Like To Read Vienna Rabbit.

This is an exceptionally quiet rabbit and makes an excellent companion. Despite their large size, they are remarkably docile and very easy to handle.

They are also intelligent and can be trained to perform simple tasks such as coming when called and using a litter box.

Although they are relatively easy to handle, it is important that anyone who has to lift the rabbit is familiar with handling techniques.

The rabbit’s weight should always be support carefully because if it feels uncomfortable or insecure, it can fight.

It is a large, strong animal that can cause injury to itself or the handler if it is not handled with care. As A Reference: Wikipedia.


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