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Belgian hare is quite accurate the origin, at the beginning of the XVIII century from the hand of some students of nature.

Which developed this species when they looked for a beautiful and domestic animal as a pet. Using the wild animals, they combined the good qualities of each one.

A variety of the color, another for the size, another for the shape, and thus avoid the characteristics that they did not want it to have.

They produced an animal to their liking, which they called a cleft. From the moment of its first production, the cleft disappears from the scene until the middle of the 19th century.

When it appeared in England, presumably being brought from Belgium.

In 1882 the English breeders reached an agreement regarding the standard and race. It was the original Belgian hare, what they called the standard.

Shortly after defining the breed standard, he found that many breeders were not satisfied with the result. The discussion lasted for seven years, until 1889, when there was a revision.

Some points were revised and change in the standard, which has remained until today. Shortly after the first introduction, an attempt was made to form the American Association of the Belgian hare.

The club’s efforts extended over a period of one year. You may also like to read Alaska Rabbit.

In 1897 there was a second attempt to introduce the Belgian hare in the United States, it was thanks to the formation of the National Club of the Belgian Hare of America.

As the name suggests, the first specimens were bred in Belgium at the beginning of the 18th century. Selecting them from crosses of domestic rabbits and wild rabbits.

Characteristics Details of Belgian Hare:

Belgian hare can reach a weight of 3 to 4 kg females, while males weigh from 5 to 5.5 kilos. It has a thin and elongated head, with erect ears, long front legs, no jowls.

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The character of this species is surly, apparently a hare although it is not. Coarse hair, intended for meat production.

The shape of the Belgian hare is characterized by a good length. The hindquarters are significantly elevating and the chest is muscular, in addition to a straight tail. Long and stylized appearance.

The color is intense, reddish dark cherry. The red “Rufus” is the name that is used to denominate the color of the Belgian hare.

In addition, they can also have hazel, black, fire coloring, however, and there are some that are ruby white eyes. You may also like to read Vienna Rabbit.

All colors are considered attractive, although it can not be allowed in some rabbit shows. The hair is short and shiny and falls on her body, she does not have any inner hair.

The color is uniform on the head, ear, chest, legs, and body, very intense and well spread in the hindquarters, and on the sides and belly is usually an intense gold.

The belly line is spectacular and follows a drawing parallel to the line on the back. But few breeders know what this name really means. And on the sides and belly is usually an intense golden brown.

“Physically they are very similar to hares, with a long head and a long, thin body with muscular sides.”

The back arch with a spine and well round hindquarters. Their tails are straight, the position at the end of the column. It is one of the most intelligent races capable of being train to learn its name. You may also like to read Californian Rabbit

It has a slender, stylized and elegant figure reminiscent of authentic hares. There are varieties of greater lightness and others of the heavier constitution.

They have very long legs, slender and straight, ending in feet that have some similarity with those of cats. The ears are proportionally large.


Belgian hare has special nutritional needs and requires significant amounts of exercise.


At first, this breed is raised mainly for her meat, but later people began to admire her for the beauty of her form. From its origin as a pet, for its intelligence and docility.

Special Characteristics:

Belgian hare has a surly character, apparently seems a hare although it is not. The Belgian Hare is a breed that was created in order to have a rabbit with the appearance of a wild hare.

Currently, there are few rabbits of this breed, due to the degree of difficulty of their breeding.

It is said that it is one of the most intelligent and energetic races with a temperament that is always alert and can easily be a fright.

It is not a race recommend for children because of its size and speed. They are more fragile than other breeds of rabbits because of their delicate bones.

That is why it should be taken into account by anyone who is thinking of keeping a Belgian hare to show or as a pet. Belgian hare breeders have a reputation for being dedicated to the breed. As a Reference: Wikipedia


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