American Game Chicken: How To Choose The Right One

Are you looking for a distinctive type of chicken to add to your smallholding? The American Game may just be the perfect option. With its many colors and its ability to stand up remarkably well as an ornamental bird, this breed of fowl is fast becoming one of the most popular among chicken keepers around the world. Whether you’re planning on keeping it for cockfighting or strictly ornamentation, choosing the right American Game chickens can be tricky without sound knowledge and experience in poultry rearing. Keep reading if you want insight into why these chickens are so special — and how they might just be exactly what’s missing from your backyard farm!

American Game Chicken

What is American Game Chicken?

American Game chickens are a unique breed used for cockfighting, displaying distinct colors and patterns. Known for their strength and resilience, these birds have been carefully bred in North America since the late 1700s. Comparatively long-legged with a broad chest, they tend to be energetically competitive and assertive which makes them ideal competitors in cockfighting settings. Furthermore, they make great bird companions as they usually bond easily to people, even laying eggs of various sizes and colors depending on the color variety. This breed is truly a marvel of nature.


American Game chickens are an iconic breed of bird that has been enjoyed by generations for their hardy spirit and beautiful appearance. These birds are incredibly resilient and thrive in cold weather, making them a favorite among poultry keepers. In addition to their interesting history, American Game chickens come in a variety of colors, including black, silver, lemon, and more! Though the main purpose for keeping these stunning creatures is for cockfighting, they can also add aesthetic value to any outdoor space with their colorful feathers and elegant stance. Whether it’s for show or sport, American Game chickens are always a sight to behold!


American Game Chickens are an ideal chicken breed for use in cockfighting, as they have been bred specifically for ferociousness. Though this is the preferred usage of this breed over the years, some commoners have kept them as ornaments due to their attractive color varieties. The American Game chickens can be found in France, Spain, and other countries where Cockfighting is a part of the cultural heritage from ancient times. They are particularly popular among poultry fanciers in the United States, especially with those who keep them for competition purposes. On average, these birds are large and bulky with powerful legs and feet ready for action.


Feeding American Game chicken correctly is essential both for their health and, if they are being specifically groomed for cockfighting, to maximize their potential. The basic diet that every chicken should receive is composed of a base of high-quality poultry feed; this should be supplemented with grains such as barley, oats, and corn to increase protein levels. Also beneficial are occasional treats such as mealworms, scratches, and grits; these not only add variety to the birds’ palates but also offer nutrient levels that complete the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and fats that all chickens require to remain healthy. Contrary to popular belief, treats should not comprise the majority of a chicken’s diet–therein lies the risk of turning them into little more than sugar addicts! Feeding American Game chickens properly may seem complex and labor-intensive at times but it can often be broken down into several easy steps that benefit both your birds and your pocketbook in the long run.

Special Feature

The American Game chicken is a particularly special breed of game fowl due to its color varieties and the ability to be used decoratively. They are bred specifically for cockfighting, which has been an ancient sport practiced around the world for centuries. The interesting combination of these two elements makes a unique feature of the American Game. Apart from its versatility, this breed is also distinguished by its strong muscular structure and large wingspan, making it an all-around remarkable bird.


American Game Chickens are some of the most beautiful animals, with a variety of different looks and personalities. This breed is a must-have for any chicken enthusiast! They come in many color variations, including golds, reds, silvers, white, black, and even rarer dilutes. Not only are they quite stunning to look at, but these chickens have certain qualities prized in cockfighting such as gameness and courage. With their distinctive combs and wattles, these feathered friends have a distinct personality that will leave you fascinated from the moment you first lay eyes on them. Understanding the different varieties of American Game Chickens is half of the fun!

Tips on choosing the right chicken for you

Whether you’re selecting a chicken for ornamental purposes, cockfighting, or as a pet, it’s important to take the time to select the right one. To start, decide what color and size you’d prefer. American Game chickens come in a broad array of colors, including white, black, red, and yellow. Depending on the variety, it is possible to obtain some weighing up to eight pounds. In addition to color and size, behavior should also be taken into consideration when choosing which chicken is right for you. Certain breeds tend to be calm and docile, while others can be quite aggressive and temperamentally unpredictable. Working closely with a trusted breeder or agricultural specialist can help make sure that you get exactly what you’re looking for in a chicken.


When purchasing an American Game Chicken from a reputable breeder, the prospective buyer must ensure they look for certain traits to guarantee quality. An ideal breeder will prioritize health and temperament, as well as various color varieties. To make sure their choice of chicken is a guarantee of excellence, buyers should observe whether the bird has a full plumage with vibrant colors, as well as eyes that are bright and alert. Furthermore, physical attributes to consider are a deep chest and strong legs. Healthy birds will have dry clean feathers without areas where the skin can be seen and should stand tall in posture. A reputable breeder should also answer any questions about their stock honestly – the buyer’s knowledge has the power to inform them of the best purchase for their taste or purpose.

Standard of American Game Chicken

Deciding between a standard or bantam variety of American Game Chicken can be a difficult decision. A standard variety is often seen as the traditional selection, while the bantam is admired for its small size and unique characteristics. When determining which to choose, it’s important to consider factors such as how often one plans on showing the chickens – larger birds provide more impressive visual impact at exhibitions – as well as one’s overall commitment to the American Game breed. Regardless of the type chosen, both varieties offer owners an exciting opportunity to explore this fascinating breed of chicken that has become so beloved across America.


With their diverse color varieties and game-like nature, American Game chickens are a popular choice amongst chicken owners looking to add some attitude to their homestead. As with any new pet, you must learn how to correctly care for your bird so you can ensure they get the best of nutrition and housing. Your American Game will need a balanced diet to support strong bones, loads of energy for entertainment, and plenty of mental stimulation to help prevent boredom and pecking at themselves or other birds. Providing adequate housing with enough space for them to move around and stretch their legs is also an important part of caring for your precious pet! With the proper husbandry and lots of love, your American Game will bring unique personality and flair to your home in no time.


Do American game fowl chickens lay eggs?

Yes, American game fowl chickens are capable of laying eggs. They are an excellent choice when it comes to egg production since they can lay up to 200 eggs per year – more than most other breeds. As a general rule of thumb, roosters don’t lay eggs, but hens will typically start laying eggs at around five months of age after they reach sexual maturity.

What is the best game chicken?

The best game chicken depends on personal preferences, as there are a variety of breeds that make great birds for game tasks and they all have unique characteristics. Some of the most popular types of game chickens include Orpington, Cornish, Leghorn, and Wyandotte.

Does the game hen taste like chicken?

Game hens, also known by their scientific name gallus domesticus, are a domesticated chicken species that has been bred for hundreds of years to produce smaller birds with tender white meat. Yes, game hen does indeed taste very similar to regular chicken.


In conclusion, American Game Chicken makes great pets for those looking for a friendly, hardy chicken with a range of distinctive features. They have diverse color combinations and sizes, as well as flexible use based on the breeder’s preference. Not only that – they require only moderate care and are relatively resistant to many common diseases in chickens. On top of that, bred right, they can make mellow pets that can live harmoniously in flocks with other chickens while still providing their owners with plenty of tasty eggs or meat if needed! Consider all these factors before getting your own American Game Chicken today!

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