American Long Crower Chicken: The Breed That is Taking Over the World

Are you looking to start your backyard chicken project? If so, the American Long Crower may be the breed for you! Bred as a novel composite bird in the 2000s and named for its long and distinctive crowing, this breed of chicken is taking over the world. They are renowned for their hardiness and adaptability, making them an ideal fit for any yard or farm. In this blog post, we will explore why exactly so many people are turning to these birds to make their homestead dreams a reality.

American Long Crower Chicken

History & Origin

The American Long Crower is an American breed of chicken developed in the early 2000s, a feat that was certainly no small task. This breed is named for its exceptional crow, which regularly lasts approximately 10 seconds – a rather impressive length of time for such a small creature! This breed originated as a composite of American and Old World poultry, an accomplishment that resulted in what many now recognize as the American Long Crower. Today, this hearty bird is popular among farmers searching for dual-purpose chickens – poultry specially bred to provide people with both eggs and meat.


The American Long Crower is a breed of chicken that was developed in the 2000s and has become popular for its exceptional crow. This crowing can be heard regularly and has been known to exceed 10 seconds! American Long Crowers have distinctive black feathers with a bronze hue, they are noted as hardy breeds, and although they do not typically lay large eggs, they are known for their high rate of egg production. American Long Crower chickens are adaptable to many climates, making them quite adaptable creatures. All in all American Long Crower chickens make great pets or farm birds due to their unique characteristics.


American Long Crower Chickens require a good source of feed to keep them healthy and energetic. An easy-to-digest diet, free of by-products and fillers, is essential for these unique birds. The American Long Crower Chicken is known for its unusual crowing—lasting over ten seconds—and having that same strength to crow requires proper nutrition. A balanced diet is needed for the American Long Crower’s physical needs to maintain stamina and activity levels without expending too much energy from their food sources. Feeding correctly ensures American Long Crower Chickens are happy and ready for each crow!


American Long Crower Chicken has become a popular breed for American poultry owners since its introduction to the mainland in the 2000s. It is known for its differentiating crow, lasting more than 10 seconds at a time, setting it apart from other chicken breeds. American Long Crower Chickens are prized by many because of their longevity, healthiness, and consistent egg production. They can be incredibly versatile within many settings or purposes, making them a desirable option for farm raisers or backyard hobbyists alike.

Special Feature

American Long Crower chickens are a popular American breed distinguished by the exceptional technical features of their crow. This American-bred chicken stands out among its peers, proudly boasting a lengthy and dramatic ten-second-long crowing song. Breeding of this special breed began in the 2000s, resulting in an impressive variety that is renowned for its vocal capabilities. American Long Crower chickens may appear similar to other types, but they often stand alone due to their unique crow that can carry further than most others.

The Benefits of Keeping the Breed

American Long Crower chickens can offer some distinct benefits to chicken keepers! Their strength, hardiness, and calmness often make it easier for flock owners to handle them. This breed of chicken also has an unusually long crow of 10 seconds or longer! American Long Crowers tend to be smaller in size than their American Game fowl cousins but they are still stunningly beautiful and each one has a unique feather pattern. As if that weren’t enough to make this breed desirable, American Long Crowers also lay larger-than-average eggs which typically contain a unique golden yolk. Flock owners worldwide have been surprised by the many rewards of keeping American Long Crowers.

How to Care for the Breed Properly

American Long Crower Chickens are a unique breed, renowned for their exceptional crowing capabilities. Therefore, when taking care of this chicken, it is important to never forget that the American Long Crower requires more attentive care than other American breeds. They require spacious enclosures, with plenty of vegetation and the opportunity to fly and roost. Additionally, ensure they’re always provided with fresh water and a high-protein feed. American Long Crower Chickens also need requisite rest periods so as not to become over-exerted and stressed from being too active. As with all animals, regular veterinarian checkups are a must for providing optimal health for American Long Crowers; these appointments should be done at least once a year or after a noticeable behavior change has been detected. With proper attention and balanced nutrition, American Long Crower Chickens can live up to ten years or more!

Where to Find the Breeds and How to Incorporate into a Flock

The American Long Crower is an American breed of chicken developed in the 2000s, and one of its most noted features is its exceptionally long crowing. One may find this breed in many locations across the United States, including popular hatchery websites as well as local farms depending on location. Incorporating American Long Crower chickens into a flock can benefit any poultry enthusiast due to their hardiness, egg-laying ability, and their unique and long-lasting crow. American Long Crowers will undoubtedly make a great addition to any collection of birds that one may have.

Tips for Successfully Breeding the American Long Crower

Breeding American Long Crower chickens can be a rewarding experience. American Long Crowers are a breed of American chicken developed in the 2000s and named for their distinctive, extended crowing that often lasts more than 10 seconds. To successfully breed American Long Crowers, they should be raised in an environment with plenty of sunlight and enough open space to practice their natural behaviors. Additionally, American Long Crower breeding should be done with a focus on quality, not quantity; start with only a few hens and roosters to properly monitor the health and progress of the birds. With proper care and attention, American Long Crowers will not only crow longer but also produce bigger eggs!


The American Long Crower is a unique breed of chicken that has caught the attention of many. With its long crow and highly desirable characteristics, this bird will make an excellent addition to any flock. Even novice chicken keepers can easily learn how to care for this breed as it does not require difficult or laborious maintenance. In addition, the benefits of having this particular breed of chicken are unparalleled, making it a great choice for those looking for an interactive pet with exceptional egg-producing capabilities. If you’re looking to add something special to your existing flock or start your backyard poultry farm, the American Long Crower should be at the top of your list.

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