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The Hebridean Sheep is a sheep from Scotland. This breed resembles the short-tailed breed of Northern Europe, including the North Ronaldsay and Shetland.

Characteristics of Hebridean Sheep:

The Hebridean Sheep are a small breed and weigh between 35 to 40 kg the females while the males weigh up to 45 kg. The legs are thin and short.

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Both the male and the females of this species have horns. They get to have 2 or 4 horns. Sometimes they get to have more horns. When they have 2 horns then they have a curvature upwards and sideways. When they have 4 horns then they are inclined upwards at a 45-degree angle, while the other 2 are curved around the face. Although a wide range of horns has been observed in sheep of this species.

95% of the animals of this species have horns.

The coat of this race is black, with the years is becoming brown at the tips and it is by the presence of the sun, with the age is becoming gray. They have no wool on their legs or on their faces. And the coat on the whole body is black, the hooves are also black. And the eyes are usually amber.

It can produce between 3.3 to 5kg of wool in the year, with a length of 5 to 15cm.

Similarly, there is very rarely a genetic mutation in which the sheep’s coat becomes totally white and multi-horned, but today only black Hebridean sheep have been reared.


The Hebridean Sheep is a sturdy breed and can survive by feeding on poor pastures. The females of this species only need water and some minerals to be able to produce milk. This breed is very easy to maintain since its nutritional requirements are not many.


The Hebridean Sheep produces a wool that is quoted by the spinners. In addition, it is popular with the different shades of wool. The wool is made up of 2 layers, a thick outer and an inner that is soft. The outer layer is so thick it is able to repel water.

Farmers produce this breed also for the production of their meat since their meat is dark and of good quality, has a good flavor and has a minimum amount of fat. Studies have shown that this meat has less cholesterol than meat from other breeds.

Special Characteristics:

The Hebridean Sheep has a docile character and is easy to handle so that a herd can be guided by a person or by shepherd dogs. Since this breed moves easily.

This breed is used to train shepherd dogs and because of their speed, they represent a challenge for dogs.

The females of this breed are good mothers and are easy to give birth. The majority of deliveries produced by this breed are double.

Sheep Profile:

Sheep name Hebridean Sheep
Other Name Any
Sheep Purpose Meat and  wool
Coat color Black
Weight 35 to 40 Kg
Climate Tolerance All climates
Country of Origin Scotland


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