Dorking Chicken: A British Chicken Breed

Dorking chicken is one of the oldest English breeds of poultry. It took its name from the town of Dorking, in the county of Surrey, south of England. It is one of the oldest known breeds of chickens. Also, Roman writers had already written about Dorking birds with five fingers.

Dorking chickens are one of the best breeds in England. They are a crossing between white leghorns, Rhode Island Reds and Plymouth Rocks and were originally bred for their eggs. The Dorkings tend to be docile and friendly although they can become aggressive when stressed or if they feel threatened by other animals.

Dorking Chicken

Characteristics of Dorking Chicken

Dorking chicken is a rustic, heavy type bird with five fingers, long and wide trunk, quiet temperament. The feathers of the slave, circles, and tail are very long. The rooster is large, its body is wide, deep and placed rather low, almost rectangular if viewed side. What, combined with his short legs, gives this bird a very compact and solid appearance.

The hen is apparently identical to the cock, except in the plumage; while she is not of such large size. The hens also have slightly shorter legs, also have a lower-body placed. The skin and meat of the Dorking are white. It is a bird of reducing size but of white meat, juicy and abundant in contrast to its fine bone.

Generally, plumage is abundant and, in general, is made up of long and hard feathers, with little down. The minimum weight of the eggs is 55 grams, with a white shell. The weight of the rooster varies from 3.5 to 4.5 kg. And the hen reaches 2.5 to 3.5 kg. Usually, the cock of this species has a large and broad but not coarse head.

The face is reddish and moderately feather. The ridge can be simple or curly and is usually pink in color. The sample is large, right, broad at the base, uniformly serrate and free of excrescences. In addition the curly is moderately wide and square in the front, narrowing behind. Above it is covered by coral protrusions, all of the same height and free of hollows.

The chin is large, long, reddish and fine in texture. The earrings are medium, very thin and reddish. Also, the eyes have an iris that from reddish to orange. While the beak is strong, slightly curved and flesh-color. You may also like to read Polish Chicken.

The neck is quite short, strong, thick and with abundant enslavement resting on the back, giving an extremely broad neck appearance at its base. The trunk is long, deep and almost rectangular seen from the side; carried horizontally. While the back is long, wide and slightly sloping. For its part, the chest is very deep, full, wide and round.

The abdomen is good development while the tail is full and broad; quite tall, with wide and long sickles. The wings are long and tight to the trunk, and the thighs are short, strong and hidden in the plumage. It has short torsos, strong, naked and light meat color. With five fingers, the fourth and fifth well separated.

The head, the enslaved, the back, the circles of the lumbar region and the coverings of the wings are of silvery-white color without flamed black. The feathers are black, border with white, the secondary ones, with external white beards and black tips, and with black inner beards.

It has large wing coverts, black with green reflection; the chest, abdomen, and thighs are black. The tail is black with greenish reflections; in the feathers of the rump, the white edging is tolerating. For its part the hen has a white head and neck, the latter flamed black.

The back, the chair, and the wings are silver-gray, without reddish or brown remains, each pen finely is dott black. Also, it tolerates a slight silver edging. The chest, light-colored salmon, and tail, dark gray. You may also like to read Cochin Chicken.


Dorking Chicken feeds well when raised in open spaces, and covers a large area. The diet of this species does not require large proportions or quality food to be developed.


Dorking chicken is a species that is used mainly for the production of its meat. And this is because the meat it produces is of excellent quality. You may also like to read Wyandotte Chicken.

Special Feature

Dorking chicken is a quiet breed, educate, breed. They make a quiet place, noise popping squeaks. They are gentle in manner and may be shy, but they are easy to tame. Only manage once or twice, maybe enough to tame up. Roosters can be intimidating even in grade pens because of their short stature, and require close monitoring whenever possible or separate accommodation.

The roosters are attentive and very noisy if there is a threat, which makes them excellent for warning the flock. Another characteristic of males is that they may be more susceptible to injury if they are fighting. So farmers have to be careful if this breed shares space with other races of roosters. You may also like to read Orpington Chicken.

Severe defects not allowed in this breed:

  • Make it small.
  • Be a weak individual.
  • Have a narrow or too short trunk.
  • The chest is too flat.
  • Let the tail be like squirrels.
  • The tail plumage is too short.
  • The absence of the fifth finger.
  • Yes, it has a white earring.


The Dorking is a British breed of domestic chicken. It is named for the town of Dorking, in Surrey in southern England and it has been around since 1873. They are known to be hardy birds that can stand up to harsh weather conditions with their thick feather coats and feathered legs for warmth. If you’re interested in raising these chickens at your home, we have some helpful tips on how they should live within an enclosure or coop as well as what feed will work best for them!

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